Is what I felt yesterday Active Focus?

Hi, I’m newbie for Endmyopia rehab from South Korea.

I’m trying to find Active Focus and it has been four days.
I finally found edge of blur yesterday and I was looking at letters on a book at the distance.

And then I felt something weird on my eyes.
I felt someone picked the back of my two eyes and pulling it – should I say ‘yanking out’ it?
I was just staring the letters, relaxing my eyes, without any eye tension or squinting, then I felt that!
However, the blurs on the letters didn’t disappear, which all of people who experienced AF said is the main of AF. And I couldn’t control the feeling – I felt that automatically, only at the distance.

I’m wondering if what I felt was Active Focus thing. I’m so curious of this because the feeling was same with what I felt while I was studying hard for Korean SAT. Was it really AF, or at least the first step to it?

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Was the text at least clearer than before?

Unfortunately not at all ;(

Eyes may tear up if they are dry. Don’t be discouraged, try again after a good night of sleep. If possible, take the book outside for optimal lighting.
In active focus, the word is not “see”, it is “observe”. Relax and wait for it.

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Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: I think I need some patience and relax. I’ll try it tomorrow again!