IT work and endmyopia

What are the best set-ups for people working in front of computers full time and still moving as fast as people employed elsewhere?

Should I get my laptop at a stand, with keyboard further from eyes?
Or maybe it’s better to learn ratatype, type without looking at the keyboard, at least all time?
(I have that typing pretty established, but I make a lot of mistakes to correct for)

How much clarity is needed to code efficiently? My opinion clarity is almost irrelevant, as long as you can read everything comfortably enough, even moving 0.5 D further. But these are my assumptions of course, I might be wrong.

Long story short, I strongly believe you don’t need to quit an IT job to improve your eyesight, even if the eye situation is critical and relatively out of control (no improvement) with various complicated things (dependence on contacts+glasses, prisms, cylinder etc). How did you make a compromise?

Lots of IT people doing endmyopia. It’s what you do when you’re not working, that matters.

I for one, always use a laptop stand. At minimum a MOFT stand (very slick, always attached to laptop, adds no thickness). Ideal would be even higher stand, bluetooth keyboard, more distance. But then where does one stop with optimizing vs. reasonable convenience.

I don’t go over three hours though before getting at least an hour away from screens so in my case it works out fine.

A lot of times we tend to either overthink the setup or underestimate our recreational screen-time-addiction, or both.

MOFT stand and decent distance:


This is the most important part of the whole reply!!

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