It's me Ben! (Title Must be 15 Characters =P)

I enjoy being active but also have joint problems so team sports are generally out. I’m an office dweller 40 hours/ week, home office nowadays, and I’m grateful to have found! For years I thought it made no sense to wear full prescription/ subscription contacts while using a computer screen 60 cms away. However, no optometrist ever helped with that? They never provided any solution. I used to not ask many questions and just trust the “doctor.” I started asking my optometrists questions about improving my eyesight but wasn’t getting answers. (May have been after I found Endmyopia Videos)

In recent years, I was being very good cell phone addict and the algorithm introduced me to Jake and his Red X’s covering glasses displays. Well… I am one that enjoys the oddballs with personality and I have learned to be open to unconventional solutions and ideas. The way I think, why doesn’t someone in 8 Billion people have experience reversing myopia? Why not? I can listen to this guy while I’m addicted to my phone. Why not? Let’s see if he sounds intelligent and can explain things intelligently and direct me to make intelligent decisions.

I’ve also let go of some beliefs that can hold people back like that doctors have all the answers and know what to do. If a belief isn’t serving me then I can let go of that belief and replace it with one that does serve me. (The most difficult beliefs to let go of are early childhood beliefs). Anyways, if a doctor I see supposedly has all the answers and knows then why do people go get second opinions (stating the obvious)? A doctor that I am consulting with only knows what they have learned or what they have been taught to think or believe. They don’t know everything and certainly money and establishment are involved (factors many don’t understand or take into account).

You know, I haven’t really tried anything else because the algorithm sent me Jake’s videos. I did find some others to see what they had to say as well. However Jake has a lot of information to keep me busy enough improving my eyesight. My myopia is also simple. My subscription is for -6.75, -6.50 and nothing else. I did find a subscription from almost 10 years ago where they slipped in 0.25 astigmatism for one eye but they must have learned from their mistake and dropped it from my subscription later on. I think they had some fancy picture of my eye to somehow prove that I may be starting to have an astigmatism. Anyway, I think I have the diopters right. I wear -6.25, -6.00 Normalized and -4.75, -4.50 Differentials. The weaker eye being my left eye which is also my dominant or sighting eye. I’m having trouble being patient about getting that first 0.25 diopter improvement but I have committed myself to this method through the end of 2021.

I enjoy outside activities such as: hiking, disc golf, and swimming. I like being at the beach or barbecues at the park. I’ll spend time outside at friends and families backyards. Any social activity at parks is great. I’m open to a lot as long as I my body can physically handle it. I used to play team sports and go backpacking in Boy Scouts growing up. I like Cycling too but right now it’s too hard on my joints. I like physical therapy and weight lifting but those have been either neglected or put on hold.

I’ve started collecting Bluray movies, usually for $3-$5 each, during this pandemic. I’ve also learned from measuring that watching three of them in one night is not a brilliant idea. (Redbox sells them for as low as $4 and even on sale for $3 and even buy one get the second one for $1.50 off. I may have a problem…)

I think by learning to improve my eyesight that my overall health and well being will be much improved. That is why I am here and is why I am giving this a lot of time to get some results. Even if my eyes somehow did not improve at all, the efforts will have improved my life!

(Don’t tell anyone that everything Jake says I keep experiencing and I can see a little bit better sometimes when I stick with good habits)

OK…Wake Back Up! (and go outside)



Hi Ben,
Glad you found EndMyopia! The algorithm did a good thing for once! I too struggle with phone addiction. I am sure a lot of people do, but I find it definitely helps to name it. It means when I start reaching for it even though it don’t want to (for my eyes, or because I could be doing something better, something I want to do, or engaging with the people around me) I can give a label to that impulse (“addiction”) and step away from it, remember it isn’t me. It helps.

I have just completed my first year with EndMyopia and I am really happy with the progress, so I am looking forward to seeing how you go between now and the end of 2021. But like you said - the improvements to how intentional we are with our lives, and the improvements in how we engage with the world are worth it, even if the vision improvement part didn’t work.