I've Had No Astigmatism Correction but I have Astigmatism

In the house i dont wear the glasses but outside in evening blur increases so I wear them.

i guess this Is what i need to do, new pair of glasses with no cyl, will do some research and then buy them.

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Yes I understand, I did the exercise for last 2 days and each exercise 2 times only and that too gently, I surely don’t want my eyes messed up.
I am a bit confused about the third exercise, i dont understand what should i do? like whats my goal for it? I focus on a wall in front of me and slowly move my thumbs away and after little distance i cant see my thumbs, like my eyes cant make up what is in the peripheral, I can only see my hand and arms. Is this what I have to do?

I don’t have glasses without cyl and I asked my mom to buy me a new one and she just said no, its costly :expressionless: . I will try to convince her.
so the new glasses will have no cyl then what should be the sph?
Current sph R: -1 L: -0.75

Can you pls read and suggest me what glasses I should get as tomorrow I am going to opto and its already 9pm here and I don’t know what to get, its kind of urgent if you see this pls respond, or anyone else who sees this pls suggest me.

I’d love to help and tell you “THE SOLUTION THAT WILL SURELY WORK”, but at the end of the day these are your eyes, your vision and your habits. So your eyes will not react the same way as my eyes would.

So this is from you:

first visit to optometrist (march 2019): got -1 glasses for both eyes
second visit (september 2020): no change in vision, same diopters
third visit(april 2021): good news my left eye: -0.75 and R: -1. …bad news was more concerning for me, i got -0.5 cyl in both my eyes.

If the opto is an open and supportive one, I would ask for -0.75D both eyes without cyl.
Especially if you still have the glasses from 2019, the equal -1D ones without cyl.
And then I’d wear the April 2021 glasses on the rare occasions when it is super important to see everything clear immediately. I’d wear -0.75D most of the time as normalised, i.e. for distance vision, not for close-up. And if my distance vision was a lot worse in the evening (less sleep, illness, stress, etc) , I’d wear the -1D if going out.

Important: this recommendation is based on the assumption that your eyes didn’t get worse from the April 2021 prescription.

You mention glasses are expensive. It is possible to order online very cheap. You just need the sph and the PD. Most people on this forum seem to use Zenni for this.

A piece of advice for the opto visit:
You can do a bit of print pushing before the visit and best if you can avoid wearing your glasses before the test (to avoid eyes getting fixed on the cyl in the glasses). And I’d highly recommend avoiding smart phone screen, too.
But don’t try to influence the results whatever they are. Don’t try to be smarter and say “it is the same” if it is not.
What you can do is that at the end, if the result is worse .e.g by 0.25D sph - shouldn’t be but you have just had an exam period with lot of studying - you can always say that your vision usually improves during summer so you’d like to skip ordering the glasses and stay on the current glasses and go back later after a good rest in summer. This way you are not wasting your mother’s money on unnecessary glasses. Just an idea.

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no I dont have those i gave them to opto and he changed the lens and kept the older lens (those were most expensive ones, i was dumb to give him my lenses)

wont the -0.75 a lot less? what about -1 ? bcoz if I convert and add cyl then it comes out to be L; -1 and R: -1.25

what do u think -0.75 or -1

Yes I will go with those lens which are best for my eyes

Will he change the lenses again so you will ‘lose’ the current glasses?
If so, then the -1 would make sense. I’d go for equal. Your uncorrected eyes are equal and there is always some dominance in the eyes, like you have it in your hands and feet, too. Some optos accept this.
It will need time to get back to your 2020 vision but if you commit to distance vision time, minimal smart phone time, working on the edge of clarity and take care of using the full range of motion in your eyes, then you should be OK eventually.

no this time i will buy a new one

I’d say get a real new measurement. Then ask the opto if he could convert the cyl to sph if there’s cyl in his measurement (most probably there will be if you’ve been wearing the last glasses with cyl that you got a few months ago). If he’s open to exchanging cyl to sph then try if he’s open to make it equal correction in the eyes. Try that for vision with test lenses. If that feels a bit challenging already then stay with that. Hopefully that’s not more than -1D. Then ask if you could try 0.25 sph lower without cyl. Check how challenging that is. And then make the decision on which one to take. You’ll need a bit of challenge but not unmanageable blur.
Let us know how it goes

I just got back, man i messed up there, I went there to take an eye exam and get new glasses, but when I reached there I didn’t feel like taking the test, I started backing out thinking that my eyes wouldn’t have improved in just 2 months and what if the opto says it has increased and then I couldn’t buy -1 glasses. My mom got tested and she also has myopia.
Anyways I ordered -1 glasses and I think that those will be fine, i hope so.
I told myself and the opto(he is a friendly one) that i will come in 4 months when my eyes have improved a bit more.

When i still had my -1 glasses and the astigmatism just started, i remember i could see everything clearly but at night the things kept at 180 degrees started to blur out, so i thought that i will get the glasses back and work on to reduce the blur slowly. I hope all this works
Edit: I read your last diopter thread, it was very informative but I was confused what does the term emmetrope actually means?

Actually I honestly believe you did the best thing.
The most important at this point was to get you equal sph glasses without cylinder, to work back to the status before cyl popped up in your prescription. So well done.
There’s no point getting measured every 2 month. You may get measured for a temporary status between 2 quarter diopters and you may draw consequences from that snapshot that may be a different measurement a week later…
So well done. Really.

Now the tough part: if you remember what it was like before you got the glasses with the cyl, the bad news is that the -1D w/o cyl will feel pretty much the same. So your mission is to reverse the past few months. It was possible one way and it is possible the other way too. But you’ll have to contribute to it actively and daily, like you unknowingly and unintentionally did the same to get to cyl. So wearing glasses without cyl may give you some discomfort first. Just be aware of it.
But do your best to find opportunities to clear texts and increase the distance for this. E.g if you have a Snellen at 3m or 6m, you may have to walk much closer to it to get to crystal clear edges on the 20/20 line. Doit, and then step back, maybe just 5cms and try to hold the sharp edges. This walking away method is much better than standing at an impossible distance and trying to clear a huge mess of blur and DV. Practice and patience. Again, no pushing, just imitating normal vision.
If you don’t want to do it with Snellen you can do it anywhere anytime at home: text on the boxes and bottles in the kitchen, on the bottles of the shower gel and shampoo, the bookshelf in the living room, etc. You don’t have to measure the distance just observe if you can increase the initial distance over time.
And make sure your eyes are never fully frozen in one position for a long time as discussed earlier with the range of motion exercises


So you are looking at something in front of you and when you are opening the straight arms you can still notice the arms and hands but you lose the thumb. It doesn’t have to be sharp but shouldn’t disappear completely. I’d suggest you have a 5sec holding at the point where you can last see it. And see if you can slowly increase it to wider and wider over the weeks and months. Actually when you have the glasses with the cyl that gets helped by the glasses, saving the work for your eyes.
For me actually the right and left “disappearing points” are different so I usually play around every now and then with equalising the points.
As said this is not EM, it is closer to vision training. But helps with cyl. And peripheral vision adds so much positive to the overall vision.

Hope it wasn’t too boring :sweat_smile:

Emmetropic eye is the one that doesn’t need glasses as can see well at all distances. The natural uncorrected 20/20.
Our usual discussion around this subject on the forum is if someone gets back to 20/20, will they get back to natural 20/20, or be something different but with a skill developed to achieve 20/20. And the other discussion is if the emmetropic eye is actually 20/20 or fluctuates between e.g. 20/13 good condition and 20/25 bad condition. I think the natural uncorrected eye has a range. What I know about it from my friends with uncorrected eyesight is that they can’t see everything sharp all the time but they do not even expect themselves to. After a very tiring and stressful day in the office they don’t even think about trying to read licence plates, etc :yum:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah i will try it

I don’t know if it disappears or not, but I cant make out what it is correctly.

Do you believe anyone can reverse myopia and become emmetrope, as I want my natural eyes back. However its a journey not a destination where we can stop.

Nah, they were interesting, as a low myope myself your experiences helps to learn a lot, thank you :relieved:

@BiancaK i got my normalized and I tried to wear them, i feel my eyes a bit strained or something like that, it’s not as comfortable as cyl ones. Honestly, there is a very little blur after wearing normalized glasses, in day its negligible but at night the blur is more significant. So how should I clear the blur? or any steps to follow to remove this cyl?
I wore them inside my house for few minutes and my eyes are really tired, I guess i will be wearing them outside only.

If you remember what it felt like just before you got your glasses with the cyl, actually that is what you get back now by dropping the cyl again.
When the opto measures that you need cyl around the horizontal line, then your cornea appears to be shaped like a rugby ball. What the cyl does is that it pulls the horizontal line back to create a perfect circle like image for the brain again. Now that you dropped the cyl, your eye is back to the rugby ball and it is up to your eyes and brain to do the magic of creating a circle.

I know it would be great to just drop from the correction and see clearly immediately with the new one. But the eyes and the brain need time for the adjusting.
When you get new stronger glasses from the opto and you complain about strain they will tell you that you just need to wear them for a few weeks and get used to them. Now you are working in reverse. Your mission is to get used to cyl-free glasses again.
Your correction is -1D only. I’d believe that you don’t need glasses at all when you are at home. (or maybe for TV only if that is at several meters) When outside of home, I’d suggest wearing the -1D no cyl as much as possible. If you need a rest, you can try going uncorrected or you can wear the glasses with the cyl if that feels best. But the goal would be to gradually move away from them.
Find texts to clear when wearing glasses without cyl. Don’t pick an impossible distance. Pick a distance where you can see clearly and then start increasing it. This is how you’ll train your brain to create clear images. And if you do the exercises that I suggested you will first feel that neither the cyl glasses nor the non-cyl glasses are OK (that will be quite uncomfortable), and if you continue with practice then the non-cyl glasses will click eventually.
As said, this is the reverse process of ruining your eyes to get a prescription with cyl. You “invested” time and effort into that. So the reversal will need the same.
I think your eyes are more just lazy or too much used to the cyl correction. But it should be totally possible to drop 0.5D cyl. I’ve managed to drop mine, too.

In short, try to determine if what you feel is discomfort or actual strain. If real strain then work on it gradually. If just discomfort then tell your eyes that it is part of the process :wink:

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I feel like using fatigued eyes without rest is something that I personally am concerned about.

Another thing is using glasses that correct astigmatism fully (or which overcorrect it). I bet there are cases where that makes it worse, just from the strain it causes.

And then, there’s of course increasing myopia. Astigmatism tends to stay the same or get worse as myopia increases…unless you practice the good habits.

Good habits: Not reading or using screens with fatigued eyes. Watching posture when performing intense visual activities. And looking at many different shaped objects and lines of different orientations outdoors. Good lighting…nutrition and exercise, etc.

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Well I wore the glasses for few hours and there is not much discomfort, it is very clear during the day but at night astigmatism starts to kick in, and in the home also there is a little blur do you think I should wear them inside also but in the night only and then try to reduce the blur. I have been doing the exercises you told, every day 2 times, is it fine if I do them in up and down directions also?

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I’d minimise the time wearing the glasses with the cyl as much as possible. Each time you wear those glasses your brain goes “so what are we correcting to, then? this or the other one?”
Maybe you’ll need them for TV with subtitles, but with your level of myopia around -1D only you should not have issues with getting around indoors at home in general.

I had astigmatism (cyl of 0 to -0.75D) at around 90 degrees. Which is the same just along the vertical line. Guess what: I’ve always worked with 2 monitors side by side and I’ve had bright light from the top through a roof window. So I was supported on the vertical line by extra light and I used the horizontal movements more than the vertical ones anyway due to the 2 monitors. But it is exactly the same as your case just with a 90 degree rotation, you see?
I did 40 secs on the vertical line and 20 secs on the horizontal line. This kept my eyes moving in all directions + gave me a comparison on how it feels in the “normal” direction. I also recorded myself while doing the exercise and I realised that I move my head when I look upwards - just a tiny bit but I do it. Interesting that I hadn’t even noticed it until actually seeing it on the camera.

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I have stopped using them completely

Recently I also felt that I was moving my head while doing the exercise, I will also try recording myself.
Thanks for all the advices you have given, they were really really helpful. :blush:
Have a great day/night.

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