Jaaarbs! (aka jobs, aka update on people working on endmyopia)

This post on contract workers and things, just for those of us who care about such behind the scenes details.

As a bit of background, there’s always a rotation of contractors working on endmyopia stuff. Everything from Website speed to fixing bugs, to security, to code maintenance (especially for the courses site), to accounting and all the random things come up.

If you know me well enough you know how I preach about the gig economy and personal brands being the future. Build a strong skillset, work on a portfolio and a book of business, be set and truly free to live life on your own terms.


With more focus on the front end of things, currently newly hired and experimental contributors:

1. Two trained medical writers. One a surgeon in residence, the other with published work in journals. They’re tasked to write a couple of articles each (topics pending) that should start satisfying some of the content you don’t get from me.

Yes that means, not rants about optometry.

Goal will be for more scope and biology and clinical science content, and generally researched instructive things. Also maybe useful for getting more links from other sites, and some Google love (though, whatever about Google, that’s deals with the devil).

We’ll keep one or the other or both, depending on whether their work proves useful.

2. Two infographics designers

Why two of everything, you ask? Because whenever you hire 10 people, the ones that make the most promising promises, at most 2 work out. Hiring at least two at once makes it quicker weeding out, since I can’t manage 10 people at once.

Their job will be to take above articles and graphic-ify them. People love infographics and if done right, they can be a nice visual summary of concepts.


3. Outreach / SEO

A guy to take above articles and infographics and ask relevant sites / blogs / media outlets to share with their audience. Hey it’s free and well research content on a subject relevant to lots of people (is the pitch anyway)! :wink:

These are also quite hit or miss but this one came well recommended and with relevant experience.

4. One sales writer pro guy.

To go over all the BackTo20/20 stuff and make it better.

I did write all of that “sales copy” in a day or two, years ago. It’s been barely looked at since (because I hate selling stuff and can’t figure out how to say what I really want to say there).

This guy is so far quite impressive with words and grounds for some cautious optimism. People judge the paid program by it’s (sales) cover and that’s another very neglected area.

Hopefully his efforts will translate to a more natural and less used-BMW-sales style of why you should pay for BackTo20/20 (mostly so I can pay all these guys to make better endmyopia stuff - but also and what matters to you, because the mentored program IS awesome and entirely worth the trade of $).

5. PR writer guy.

This is probably going to be a waste of time, but every once in a while I take somebody up on their many promises to do worthwhile PR stuff. Ongoing R&D expense of learning what works and what doesn’t.

That one also on a one-off project basis, shrugs on this count.

And that’s it.

There’s also one great regular developer guy always who is fixing various broken things, and of course the e-mail admin, and a few odds and ends.

Yes it’s both time consuming and not cheap to maintain and grow a project like endmyopia (or so turns out, I didn’t know the full scope of it either). Otherwise it just ends up a rambling blog in the far corner of the Intenret, a thing nobody reads and that gets abandoned in due course.

In part posting this just as a bit of ‘accounting’ of where the time and money goes, and also a forum for discussion / thoughts / feedback as you see fit.


Sounds very exciting!
Really like the increased focus on the better presentation of the biology behind it all, so people can grasp the ideas more easily and faster.
Looking forward to how it turns out ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing Jake…EM is certainly going places with these efforts and agree with Issa that it’s very exciting!


Wow, thanks Jake!

Why don’t you provide a PayPal link? Or bank account, where people can donate. I think a lot of us would support - maybe later once we have progress and are able to value what you offer much more. In the FAQ, or somewhere, ‘support endmyopia’ as a separate fix footnote-link.

'Dear kittehs, it’s all here for free! I know the paid programm is expensive to a lot of you, so here is everything for free. What I want most is you to make progress , enjoy the process - and tell others about it.

If you, at one point, want to support endmyopia, please use this link/bank account to donate… Once you got back to 20/20, you could donate for a year the money your are now spending on contact lenses/your glasses. Your money is used to pay hosting and so on’

I think lots of people would use it. They can choose how much they can give. They can still give later.


Patreon! Patreon! Patreon!

Would be more involved than a PayPal link, but probably more returns back to EM as well. Oh dear, some eye guru is getting my money instead of Vision Express…

Double edge sword. Outside world could percieve EM as a money making scheme, but could also see a high number of patreons as lending legitimacy to the method. The real question is how much money can Jake squeeze out of this cheap student :thinking:

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The “money making scheme” to me is a super weird, Internet specific kind of concept. I really truly don’t get it.

As in, I’d RATHER see somebody make money. I’d like to pay Facebook for membership, and Google. Much rather that than forcing them to come up with sneaky ways to get revenue. Nothing happens for free, really. There’s always some motive, and/or need to support a thing. I’m very dubious about free stuff, especially if there’s no clear indication of what the role of the resource plays.

Also if I am the customer, I can get some accountability. And support. An entity that has motivation to perform.

Most importantly when it comes to things that I really want to seriously pursue as a project the idea that I can get to the source, THE GUY directly, to answer my questions? Totally awesome. Think of how many great instructive books you’ve read, and then think about how feasible it is to contact the author for help … basically near impossible. How could it be a bad thing to have an option for support, especially if it’s not a requirement?

The same will be true for endmyopia at some point, with me not being able to do personal support. Right now I do it because it helps make things better. Plus I like to chat with everybody. But if we ever start doing more paid program stuff, I’ll likely get community members (paid possibly) to do support, since at some point it just might not be feasible for me to do.

Donations, thought about it. But makes me feel too much like sitting roadside with a hat on the street. Would rather trade resources, perhaps offer some more situation specific programs / guides / stuff.

Also what would matter so much more is when typing endmyopia into Google, getting about 16 pages worth of results talking about how awesome it is. In the top 3 of things that bug me the most is that it’s about 50% conspiracy theories and nay-sayers. Attributing this to some kind of personal failing, not sure what, possibly my personality, tone, something I’m not doing right otherwise.

I’d honestly rather be paying bills out of my pocket and have an overwhelming online consensus that 1) you should take your eyes back and 2) that endmyopia is a great starting point to do it.

And things like what happen here in the forum like @Varakari going all out on axial length measurements or @Denis and @jetpad building a whole measuring app for phones or @NottNott going nuts with cool videos (as many others, like @Sean for instance). And @mare and @Tii_Chen and all our great moderators, and @Laurens without whom this forum probably wouldn’t even be still going on.

Enough rambling. Appreciate the donation offers and all the contributions!


I agree that is awesome, and most people would also agree I think, and would find totally reasonable to pay for. But usually when you subscribe to some course on the net, you won’t get to the source, you just get a bunch of video and text and you are on your own.
That’s why I said that it would be better to emphasize in the back to 20/20 that people not pay for tricks and tips but for direct contact.

While Paypal and Patreon could get more money, I think it would just do bad for Endmyopia because of it would just enforcing the “money making scheme” feeling.


In my silly little world, EM is something that simply hasn’t gone viral yet. When EM gets closer to the ‘singularity moment’ where it goes viral, a little bit past that and there’s no stopping it. A patreon at that point wouldn’t hinder it because it’ll be spreading like wildfire.

…ever wonder how these posts could be dug up five years or so from now and read as a ‘oh wow, they had no idea what they were getting into’ kind of thing? We’re only dealing with an entirely reversible, horrible condition that affects the largest sensory input to a billion people (lowest estimate).

EDIT: This is what not knowing what you’re getting into looks like


Hello Jake! A few weeks ago I sent you a message asking to fix my course the access dates. They’re all late July so, the system will not allow me to access them. Looking forward to your reply and fix. Thank you - Jacques

EM can go viral with these objectives. Who else is willing to pay for others to save or improve their eyesight naturally…not many. Maybe the EM home page should speak to multiple target audiences, not just myopes, including gaming companies, journalists, friendly optometrists who promote good vision habits, parents afraid for their kid’s vision, social media enthusiasts who are 20/20 now and want to prevent myopia, other vision improvement sites, etc.

Partnering with others who can provide EM links may help with life without Google but the home page has to be basic and intriguing for these objectives … “Take Control of Your Eyes… Use Them Responsibly… We’ll show you how for FREE!’” … or something empowering.

If I didn’t already like EM, I’d love it after reading the “Rough Guide” because it’s more than rough. It’s so comprehensive the average curiosity seeker will be amazed that it’s free and will be share-worthy on social media.


@jdesroch Best to reach me via e-mail (jake at endmyopia . org) or in the support forum for these things. I get so many messages everywhere else that it’s impossible for me to keep up with. I do answer every message in the support forum daily, that’s really the best way to definitively get a hold of me.

Easy fix also, just send me your user name (or if in support forum even easier).

@mare I think we should together contemplate whether we do want to make that entire guide available for free to every random visitor of the site. If you look online there’s really generally very little giving back for doing things for free, and I do wonder how far we want to take the one sided efforts. Every so often I’m literally ready to permanently leave the whole thing since it eats so much of my time and it’s almost impossible to get things done without paying for people’s time. It’s actually been a discussion again now between various of my business partners and my family, if there really is any point of me doing endmyopia beyond where it’s already at. A Google search of endmyopia is pretty much all it takes for me to go, it’s been several years, and this approach is very clearly a failure. To the average person that search very much leaves a huge question mark if this is legit.

Fixing that would require again, more resources. People to look at copywriting, PR, presentation, outreach, etc etc etc. Those who benefit certainly aren’t doing it for us (and there are tens of thousands of those, still … people go, hey thanks great free stuff, and then go home). And I don’t have the personality or insight into how to fix whatever isn’t right there. Others do, but they most certainly don’t donate their time. :smiley:

Discussion for another thread, and definitely for everyone who contributed to it - something like that may be a good thing to encourage ‘donations’ or otherwise suggest that these things would be good trades of resources rather than endless charity.

Not going to decide on this myself either, we’ll explore what’s best separately when we actually get it done.


Very exciting… There are not many opportunities in this cruel world where you work ans get paid but in reality do things that do not appear like a paid job… being a part of some community which you are linked to not through a salary only… heart is there, you are doing valuable things, not just from capitalism perspective but also morally…
The example might be wrong, as I do not know much about it, but it sounds like a Greenpeace job… saving the Earth while also paying the bills…
The worst thing in this world is being forced to pay for air, water and a place to live safe (relatively)…
Guys, the forum is great, difficult to keep up while trying to keep my distance from the phone screen…
Congratulations to all contributing… I am sure a couple of years from now your names will be shining on the virtual walls of a community no less famous than Greenpeace


It’s certainly a balance between time spent and quality of life. Yes 18k Subscribers is nice…100k is even better but do you want to read 5X more comments, questions, and complaints? The big Why is definitely a consideration when you hit roadblocks that may not be worth resolving. Maybe 18k is good enough for now if it provides quality time spent with family and the things you love. That’s actually alot of people you’ve impacted, all whom you’ve never met. :slight_smile:


So essentially you say that endmyopia should be either about what it currently is (at least regarding your contribution) or it should be blow up to a much-much bigger thing (which means much more revenue)? So there is not much middle ground.

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@halmadavid @Mare so this is mostly a giant digression (cue tiny violins and such)

I spend 5+ hours a lot of days for various years now - and if you search endmyopia, it’s about half “hurdidurrrr Jake is a scaaaam”. Less exciting stuff.

Google search pointers to the site went from 4000 a day to less than 1000 a day. Backwards progress!

It’s a bit of spinning the wheels, and you’re absolutely right - I don’t for sure know WHAT I want to see out of this project (a massive fallacy of course). For a start for sure, not having my name dragged into the mud by random Internet peeps as Google first page, would be progress. And more positive feedback with general searches showing that endmyopia is on the right track for newbies curious about it all.

Thing is, if you have a biotech startup and need to scale, I can help you with that. Or if we want to idly waste 5 hours, we could be setting a pile of buy and sell orders on markets of your choice and make plenty of money - without any Internet hostility at all.

In a way I thought that endmyopia would be like a seed, people would eventually find it, go ohhhhh. OH. This glasses thing is nonsense. And we’re all happy hippies with one less tie to corporate extortion. A way for us to connect and improve our lives together.

But the reality is more like, a bit of yay-positive, and a whole some other of innuendo that I’d be a scammer and endmyopia is some kind of scheme. That seems really not worthwhile.

The blame is 100% on me here since I’m obviously failing at delivering the message, I continue failing though and really don’t know what the answer is to move from the 50% hater factor more towards a conversation that’s about whether we want to continue to accept focal plane extortion. Haters are a good thing, but it should be more like 10% or maybe 20% rather than … 50-50.

Kind of like the dialog whether we like what Google is doing with censorship, or how sugary drinks and diabetes seem to somehow be related, or that Facebook is short circuiting our brain’s reward system for profit. Most people aren’t taking the side of the corporations. But a lot of them are with this myopia topic. So clearly, I’m doing a poor job of relating here.

Think of VPN providers or ad blockers. Nobody hates on them for charging money to aid with privacy. We should be squarely in the middle of the good guy side here. Tons of free stuff, TONS, and an option to buy support.

I don’t know where I’m off key. No surprise if you met me since I’m really a total introvert and unless we connect on a specific topic I’ll probably sneak off quietly at the first chance. People in quantities more than one or two aren’t really my thing. :wink:

Partially if I was looking at this from the outside in, I’d say to a person running this, what I always say - you need more money. Money fixes all business issues. Hire experts to answer your questions. Focus on your core skillset and let others do what you’re not good at. Have a PR team answer why people respond to your dumb face less than ideally. Hire outreach people to talk to health communities and come up with deals for everybody to benefit from more exposure. And for sure get a couple of lawyers to deal with directly defamatory statements - manage the challenge from every angle.

Find scale and extricate yourself from the front line, no one person is good at everything.

But then this is still my morning procrastination project and I love chatting with you guys, and I love the creativity coming from this group, and I think it wouldn’t be fun treated it like another startup trying to scale.

So there’s the conundrum. I realize how dumb it sounds. Don’t even like posting it because… geez Jake.

On a more positive and fluffalicious note, new video on the rather popular e-mail subject of procrastination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkNZfTD34RU


Anything brilliant has a life cycle and Endmyopia may still be in its infancy. Your expectations aren’t necessarily high or unrealistic, maybe just expecting the “OH!” too soon. The success of EM is almost analogous to the back to 20/20 process…it takes awhile. If you consider your first video was in 2015 and if the average myope is -4, 20/20 won’t arrive until 2019… so here we are, at least @MattE is close :blush:. We need more Matts to prove EM’s legit.

When your disciples start succeeding in droves, EM will take a life of its own… maybe the site won’t even need you with so many success stories who are able to run your ship.

Naysayers will always exist with any new discovery or anything brilliant that they don’t yet understand…best to ignore only because they don’t see what you see. Thanks for sharing :wink:


Not that my logic is air-tight, but I expect rather soon (a few years or so) to see this progression:

 increased myopia from screens  --->  increased myopia almost everywhere  --->  increased high myopia  --->  increased retinal tears and detachment world-wide  --->  general clamor for fixes  --->   super-bright light shining on the subject of myopia  --->  many people looking for fixes or preventions that do not involve bad side effects

…not that that’s a plan for next week…but I’d be surprised if I didn’t see exactly that story in the general public discourse in the next 5 years. If so it would be a viable plan to just stay the course, polish the docs, collect simple stats little by little, “go the middle way” (as has been mentioned already in this thread)


1,500 extra subscribers, less than two months. Constantly expanding Facebook group. Google censorship debacle changes coming soon, supreme court likely to make a ruling into oversight of algorithms for tech giants. Trustpilot reviews in the stratosphere. Just steady growth over five years sure, but no reason to logically rule out crazy fast exponential growth in the future.

Worst worst case scenario: cut back on as much pricey expenditure as possible, open up that Patreon account (you might not even need to make Patreon posts to keep people donating) and quit making content for the most part. Website pays for itself, improve the lives of countless people, little effort. So much better than closing EM :slight_smile:

The above sounds completely miserable and deflating though! Stay the course, we’re all rooting for you and the project. Cannot express my gratitude in words for what it’s done for me, EM is a miracle conveyor belt and the conveyor is getting bigger all the time. :slight_smile:


@Mare I’ve been thinking that for a while. When we have lots of people who are verifiably back to 20/20, we’ve got a stronger message.

I’ve also been meaning to post an update. More coming, but basically stable 20/50, frequent intervals of 20/40 or better. I’ve basically stopped wearing glasses for the most part. The major question for me RightNow is how I’ll do in the low light season. We’ll see.