Jake Stock Profits, Under Plausible Threat. Help!

On with the general theme of abusing endmyopia for inside jokes, casual amusement, trolling, and sarcasm.


Posted this request for “help” in our FB group:

Footnote: For one you most likely know how much a certain not-to-be-named Jake really enjoys deadpan less-obvious humor, subterfuge, and of course, trolling.

And while it doesn’t necessarily add a bunch of trust and legitimacy or even a clear stance for casual visitors of endmyopia, it makes at least one delusion-ally bearded character feel a whole lot better about plausible deniability (your honor, they can’t be serious … eye guru?). And of course, not appearing like some kind of legitimate threat, or some site seriously promoting some ‘cure’ or otherwise a target for a very well funded industry.

We’re also in a place though where we’re pretty sick of slick presentations and business vibes. Depression memes rule (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SBuh8oNxv0), we’re disillusioned, we (the people?) feel powerless over the big corporate interests. So why not just embrace that anyway and let the inner troll roam … just a little bit.


I see a great market in lens sales with myopia improvement with all those glasses sold!

Most people will also never completely eliminate the need for glasses…they will have either a little myopia left and still need distance and plus at times, or will have presbyopia someday, or even go farsighted as they get older.

Are you trying to tell us something…that lens stock is a really good thing to invest in? Lol.


Of course. It’s just vaguely funny though naturally endmyopia adoption would increase lens sales a lot.

Lens stock now, probably not a priority option. :slight_smile:


Indeed, I have spent more on glasses in the past three months than I have done in the past 30 years - and will probably be doing so in the next 5 years. You optometrists out there: Wake up!
As far as the Bhuddist precept of rightful living is concerned, you would not even be breaking that by investing in lens stock, especially if at the same time you are promoting Endmyopia.


Every so often I think about this as well. Could be making bank partnering or just as well buying some lens manufacturer or online glasses distributor and funneling all endmyopia through it.

Have an optometrist on staff to sign off on things, have it in a legal jurisdiction with minimal regulation and just pump out those lens orders.

Issue as with everything with me, I’m not all that money motivated. :smiley:


The problem is that when we’re done we’re gone. Not so with the usual myope.

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As myopia is a common price we pay for literacy and many years of education, there will be lots of new myopes in the pipeline. Optometrists could specialise in the early prevention and reduction/reversal of myopia, charging for their time and knowledge to compensate for the loss of quick profits in selling overpriced frames and lenses. Dream on :anguished:


I’d order sports frames for a narrow face and 32 pairs of lenses. That could be all the reductions. Unless hologram lenses will be available by then.