Jake, we need to talk

Serious question though, how hard did you laugh at the end of part 2 :rofl:?


First I was super confused. Then, yea … :joy:

Should have done a “react to” video, but of course in no way expected all of this. Really changed my mind very fundamentally about this whole project. 95% of the time it’s just work and work and work and endless unfinished things and e-mails of people wanting help and complaining.

So this was a very profound change of perspective.


No need for more from you. You do so much, we really just wanted to do for you. We really hoped it would boost you a bit, and give you a couple laughs too :grinning: we are well aware EM can be a pain to you… but you are genuinely appreciated, and this effort to show you that reflects only a portion of how the community feels about you.

Kind if the point of working to make it a surprise :wink: though I can only imagine how big it would have been otherwise.
But that’s also why we wanted to do it to. You give so much to this, and never expect anything in return, I know you say “I’m not that guy” but you are, and thank you for it! You have changed lives for the better.