"Jake, you m#$er@%er"

So there’s that, too.


was that the whole conversation?


I’m torn on these, partially feeling that focus on positive is best, but then I don’t want to make it look like nobody complains, either.

Even if one could hastily find various flaws in that presentation and surmise various things about its author. :zipper_mouth_face:


This is terrible! Why wouldn’t you tell him the secret to improvement?

It kind of reminds me of the time I read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

“Classic book,” they say.

Well, they didn’t warn me about the exact type of people I would end up being friends with. Have you ever met Mike? If I had any idea what kind of person Mike would turn out to be I never, ever would have become his friend. MFing Dale Carnegie, would it have be so hard to put in a chapter called “Just don’t become friends with Mike?”

You author-types really need to be a lot more specific. “Win Friends and Influence People, but Stay The Hell Away From Mike.” That’s all you had to say.


I say go ahead and post it on the fb page, let the flames and trolls begin.

But that’s just me with filter off…


It’s sad that you have to put up with that sort of thing. A person who would talk like that has problems beyond anything you could help with. Hopefully you’re at a point where it just rolls off your back. My business is similar in that I can train someone but then they have to go do the work on their own. If they don’t do the work some will blame me for it as a coping mechanism of their own failure. You can’t let it bother you.


WOW! Just wow.
So this individual apparently walks around with massive under correction for years, fails to do their homework, fails to measure, fails to troubleshoot and fails to be accountable for the fact that they needed too and it is some how your fault they became blur adapted and miserable because you didn’t offer free direct support… Sure makes total sense. Oh and they want you to take down everything you offer for free because of their failed accountability for themselves?! Forget them!


Hi jake!!
Yeah I am still reducing my myopia. I have been here since may 2019 with fu.cking improvements. I kept wearing weaker glasses for about 2 years with improvements. I am not saying your method does work but seriously keep the dam.n blog up and keep the paid options. It is helping more people than you could imagine, you piece of unicor.n. I wish I found your site sooner even my original full prescription is now unwearable. Now getting back to 20/20. Lo.ve you Jake Steiner. Even my cms won’t stop going up. Please don’t stop helping people, motherunicor.n. I sent semi-automated jake an email back in 2020 thanking him and he even replied.

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You mean your eyes are so fucked up now that you cannot see clearly even with your optometrist prescription? This man broke you! :scream:



I could be broken like that all day long and most evenings, too. :crazy_face:


:joy: Appreciate the equal counterweight message.

Also what sort of e-mails do I send people?!


And NOW buy my course to fix it.

Wouldn’t that be the most excellent scheme! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


People should approach EM like they approach educational courses. Normally, students go back to their teacher and the books when they can’t replicate any science experiment, they don’t abuse their teachers. This consummeristic attitude leads to our downfall.


Yes, even I receive those mails, and then I reply back even though I know that I maintain a journal here.


Part of the reason I enjoy keeping things somewhat obscure and confusing and not immediately confidence inspiring or easy to figure out.

Those who are motivated enough to get past all that, hopefully less likely to be having to send these kinds of messages.


Yes, it happens. The root reason why we keep doing the right things is who we are, not the expectation of what they will respond.


The haters are always the most vocal and I would say that deep down they aren’t pissed at you eventhough the email says otherwise they’re angry at themselves that it didn’t work for them. That they read all these testimonials of success from other people but didn’t read the directions closely enough or measured etc to get any semblance of progress. So they get to blame you instead of themselves and we tend to remember the negatives.

I, for one, am extremely grateful that I found EM and I love every podcast episode you put out or get interviewed on. It gives me a lot of hope that I will get back to 20/20. I have reduced several diopters already but as a high myope it’ll be many years before I get to 20/20. Keep doing what you’re doing @jakey it’s changing lives and giving people options.


I was looking to write up a “hate mail” like @NottNott had but guess he beat me to it.
It really is terrible to have come across information that is life changing if you are unable to make life changes.
But I will remain happy for the clear flashes and the minutes that I can hold it.


Not the best review I’ve read.

Once they start name calling it’s no longer a review. That’s different from poor results, post those, this one just needs to go away.


^^^ Yup, this.

“Don’t pander to the peasants” ™@Robohobo