Jake's short and sweet videos!

Wanted to say that I love the new format of short and specific videos. :heart:

I imagine they are more YouTube and search engine friendly.
Short and specific videos are definitely more helpful for use on the Endmyopia Wiki.

Thanks @jakey !



Yes, I love them too, commented that on one of them :slight_smile: I was thinking about that we should collect these in a thread and/or on a wiki page and/or add them to their relevant wiki page.


Jake listens to his community feedback :smiley:


Well. Let’s not get overly enthusiastic now. :joy:

I try to. But also always distracted and always a million “hey Jakes” everywhere so I lose track.

The latest videos: I keep an ongoing list of things that get asked about or that bug me or otherwise warrant a couple minute bit of content. Then when I find time, I take that whole list and make all the short videos to address them. That way there is a whole file of a dozen video topics sitting on the desktop and I can cut up and upload a topic anytime, easy.

Should have thought of this sooner, eh?

This a new attempt, since before making one Daily Beard at a time was destined to fail to stay in the schedule. For example just now writing this from a cafe on some island after having left the city very impromptu yesterday because of ‘new potential lock down’ news. Schedules change, gear has to be brought, the beach whispers “forget work, dude, come sit on this here sand!” :shushing_face:

I really, really appreciate the shout-out thread, and comments, and all the feedback. Just imagine me being always a bit over there on some other thing, and a general aversion to schedules, and a tiny brain.

Your feedback makes these things happen … eventually! You guys are awesome. :yum::+1:t2:


No, you are awesome that you are doing this and spending your time and energy and money to spread Endmyopia :+1: :pray:


bettin it’s more of a shout lol

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Yesterday evening’s view after being on a low carb podcast, dutifully talking eyeballs.

Then again now there is a new plot afoot to drive to the border and get the little one. Which is a lot, lot more pirate-esque adventures in all of its various nuances and requirements that I want to sign up for and yet … I never get to just sit on a beach. :joy:


Maybe an idea for future videos: based on my own story I realized we don’t have much material about what to do when you already messed up something. We have troubleshooting materials what to do when you stuck somewhere, we have materials what not to do, but we don’t have materials what to do after you did something which you should have not. Eg.:

  • too fast reduction: trackback? But how far? It’s obvious with just one reduction but what if you did 4 consecutive too fast reduction? (hey, that’s me! :sweat_smile: ) Go back instantly to what provides full clarity to reduce blur adaptation? Go back to a perfect normalized? Do it in multiple steps? Stay with the current glasses, just provide some “clarity days” with (almost) full correction? Something else?
  • messing with diopter ratio: equalize too soon, or equalize too much (hey, that’s also me :sweat_smile: ). Go back? Don’t go back? Patching? Something else?
  • messing with astigmatism: convert too much cyl to sph, mess with axis without knowing what are you doing (as I see comments some people think the axis should be “reduced” too) or just for some reason mess up the cyl part? (at last, that’s not me! But only because I’ve never had astigmatism to start with, otherwise I’m sure I would have mess up that too :sweat_smile: ) How to track back?
  • did too much focal plane changes too fast and you visual cortex is confused now. Just stay with whatever you have and wait? Or is there something more beneficial?
  • and there are maybe other ways to mess up, but I don’t have more idea :slight_smile:

Me having to do more work because they decided not to listen in the first place? :joy:

That totally would make for a great guilt-free (for me) paid course, though. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

“Didn’t Listen? Didn’t Love The Results? Pay Jake To Fix It!”

Juuuuust kidding.

Main thing about having messed around a lot, I’ve found, is that picking a set of focal planes that work, give you that little bit of blur horizon, and then not messing with anything for a good long while seems to be quite useful.

Though here too I can already think of more than a few exceptions and alternatives and things. From back when I didn’t use my newer :man_shrugging: method when people would come ask me to help them fix things that came from ignoring me anyway.

David of course excluded. I’ll gladly take any additional efforts to be helpful in this case!