Jakey Will Buy You A Camera! 🎥

Repost from our FB group:

Von DeJakey Will Buy You A Camera! :nerd_face::raised_hands:t2::movie_camera:
So here’s some musings … what would get YOU into making a quick video about your own eyeball-icious 20/20 gains? Putting an old guru into your shoes, I probably wouldn’t be super motivated by just scrolling through a Facebook wall and seeing a “hey kitteh, videoz, make 'em” post.
But peoples loves the videos!
What would motivate you to stick that phone on a stack of books in front of a window, hit record, have a chat with your phone, and then hit upload on your Youtube app?
Idle musings, how about a giveaway?. Best one (member votes? guru chooses?) gets a camera - for additional encouragement for future updates. What do you think? Would YOU go, hm fine, I’ll make some?
Could even be a semi regular thing (a giveaway), as long as we don’t pick madly expensive cameras and you don’t bankrupt ole’ Jake.
Also here, a neat video on how to make easy videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8a4F6mVX64


Well, I study filmmaking and I am interested, but I haven’t made any serious gains yet. So, first things first :smile:


Time to get on that, then! Beginner gains, could be good! :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea! I’m sure it might help convince some people haha!

I still don’t know about me, I’m very much camera-shy, especially if I have to speak in English :s

Quick question though, do you think that videos made by random people will have that much impact compared to people who already have a bunch of followers on YouTube or other social media, especially if it’s kinda related to the topic? (Health stuff, healthy lifestyles, etc).

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I’m divided on this one:
Happy to support endmyopia.
But am keeping my face out of the internets - you know I’m a pineapple-chocolate-fountain-leftovers on Facebook… :wink:
(Which I hardly visit anymore since le meow, thanks again!)

Not sure if a video without a face would make much sense?

Oh, and then my (young sounding) voice, too many dirty comments received even in office environments over the phone - probably some meant to be flattering, but it can be quite disgusting (no, it’s not the rule, yes , I tell them they are being disgusting, but it’s still a concern).

Sometimes I wonder if I’m being very stupid and should just ignore privacy/disgusting comments and start some YouTube/Instagram, post some bikini pics (even if not a model) and I could maybe live from that and do way more fun, maybe even usefull, things than hanging around at the office.

Should I decide to do that, one of the first posts will be about endmyopia for sure! :wink:

Really Jake, how do you deal with it? I haven’t tried to find out if it’s your real name (because I’d just guess it’s not), but you are posting a lot about your private life.

Paranoid greetings to all of you :smiley: