Jane's Journey to 20/20 - Shared personal log

Starting Point:
L: -7,00, -0.25 cyl.
R: -7,75, -0.25 cyl.
Eyesight worsened to about -8 from autumn 2019 to beginning of 2020 starting in a different work environment (hours of computer work and bad lighting) and receded back to the mentioned dpt. after finding endmyopia and purely changing habits (no smartphone for reading/apps, daily 1-2 hour walks and distance vision time) and going into home office (bright daylight at workspace from large balcony doors and very large monitor)

Starting out mistakes:

  • getting overly enthusiastic and ordering glasses online that were not quite right and trying to find an optician willing to cooperate -> steep, but valuable learning curve

Learnings from the whole initial phase:

  • I do not need cylinder correction, it does not improve visual quality but makes me sick and dizzy in new glasses (should never have put up with it as optician himself was unsure if I needed it - but that is a different story and a cautionary tale in one). I decided the effect of the cyl would be a hinderence for the journey. Looked up endymopias opinion on dropping this tiny amount of cyl. and felt it was ok to drop the cyl straight away.
  • Developing a new relationship to one’s eyes is a whole journey in itself and the starting point and a whole mindfulness exercise in itself (when do my eyes feel dry? what does eye strain feel like? when have I had enough computer time? when is my vision the clearest, when does is get unclear?)
  • Buying a test lens kit is a good idea or at least optical flippers (could not find any that would be shipped to me or would have been as expensive as a test lens kit), as my eyes seem to change differently and I do not think I can plan my normalized in advance and it is great to test out the right diffs.
  • Using the endmyopia for android logging tool for cm to blur is a great way to keep track

Differentials (D1): 7.9.20
L: -6
R: -6.75

Normalized (N1) - contacts
I want to wear my diffs for 6 weeks and only change to N1 glasses as recommended. I have been wearing N1 contacts occasionally at the weekends though. I went down 0.5 dpt. (smallest possible increment at that strength) in those as my former ones were slightly stronger than my glasses and I did not want to wear them anymore. So I had to decide to either be slightly overprescribed as before or slighty underprescribed, and chose the latter.

Active Focus

  • I am still unsure about it. I think I achieved it for the first time on Sunday, 20.09. I was wearing my N1 contacts and looked at my 20f. Snellen: slight blur all over. I then continued to look, stood nice and straight through my spine, deep relaxed breaths, gently blinking, concentrating in a relaxed way - and it went clear and stayed that way until i stopped looking at it after a while (minute or so). Note: I had started that day with yoga, had done some reading with my diffs print pushing a bit outside - lots of outside time in the sun

Yes definitely sounds like you found active focus on the Sunday. It might last only a minute or so like you experience initially, but as you familiarise yourself with it you can relax more into it and maintain it for longer with ease.

At times I fall under the spell that it must maintain consistently forever or I’m not doing it correctly. But actually vision might blur, but I can restart the active focus to clear things up again.

It’s a simple refresh of active focusing. I believe this is how one naturally sees. Blur is a natural part of clear seeing. The exception is that one is able to very rapidly clear the blur so one never dwells in the blur for an extended time.


I really hope that I will achieve this! It was quite an amazing experience!

Close Up Work

Have been able to continuously push my computer’s screen back further and further back when working with differentials. It is now a few inches further back than when I started with D1. Interesting development.


6 weeks with differentials have passed

  • PC Screen is nearly back in its normal position right at the back of my large desk. I had to pull it up quite a bit to be able to use it with diffs in the beginning and got neck pain frequently because it was too close. Happy I was persistent. Once I could see the screen clearly I pushed it back a little bit further and further throughout the weeks. It now stand at a distance I could not read anything at six weeks ago.

  • CM measurements: I use the android app to monitor cms. Great variation (up to over 1 dpt) depending on light, as to be expected), overall small trend of improvement namely for the left eye for close-up as measured by the app and personal impression. But right eye seems better to clear up blur in the distance (with contact lenses). I suspect my glasses being too strong especially for my right eye. Looking forward to my first pair of normalized to arrive.


Looking forward to hearing how the normalized work for you. That’s the fun part in my opinion.

Congrats on a good start!

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First Normalized (N1)
N1: -7.5 (R ) / -6.75 (L) (sph)

After some struggle I now finally have a pair of usable normalized.
Rant: Had to return the first as PH was wrong. After I received the altered pair something felt off - I had the feeling I was squinting in one eye. Wore them anyway, took a long walk and everything to see if it would go away and got a progressively increasing migraine throughout the day. I hadn’t had one, not even a headache, in nearly two months. I stopped wearing the glasses in the evening and had to tend to my exploding head and temples… I tried again the next and following day but got dizzy and nauseas within minutes (no walking, just wearing them indoors). I then decided to order a pair of N1 at the place I got my D1s at (which are great). They came in the mail today. I put them on my nose and they are comfortable! I can simply see clearly with them, a little blur in the distance (blur similar to my NC1). I will take the presumable faulty ones to the optician when they open again and ask them what is wrong with the glass. If they claim that I just need to get used to them I will return them, because that would be bollocks (shape and size of the frames are nearly exactly the same as the great ones, dpt. and glass thickness are the same). Rant over :wink:

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First Week of N1

  • I now understand why people complain about issues with dropping the last diopter. 0.25 less power is already really noticeable and can be annoying at times. Was overcome with the feeling that I will not improve and had to remind myself I had only been wearing them for a few days. Impatience.
  • I presume that my NC1 (so my normalized contacts) are a little less than 0.25 undercorrected, despite being 0.5 diopters below my full original contact lense prescription, as I have less blur with them than with my N1s. They seem to be kind of the sweet spot of undercorrection. I wore them yesterday for the first time in over a week and when I measured my distance to blur without correction my values were better than the previous days. Don’t know what to think of this just yet.

Thoughts on Active Focus (AF)

So far AF seems to be a natural thing that happens when taking a yogi-esque stance and mindset. Relaxation/good posture in spine and shoulders and light, mindful concentration on the visual stimulus. It is definitely not staring or straining oneself in any way.

Update on Differentials (D1)

As of today my monitor stand at the back of my desk again (about 70 cm away from me). This now gives me a little blur challenge (maybe by the end of the day there will be no blur challenge…). This was totally unimaginable at the time of my first post.

Update on Normalized (N1)
Nothing much, I think. Blur present
Snellen-Test: can read 20/20 and the line below
Landmark-Test (sign on the other side of the road, viewed from top story window): can read it mostly.
Street signs around traffic lamps: can read in daylight
Night-time vision: bad. cannot read street signs without scrunching up face :wink:
Subtitles on TV: can read, blur present 99% of the time. but can mostly read tiny playstation print after a while.


Update on Differentials (D1)
Monitor ist still standing at the back of the desk and I can work comfortably. I have been using weaker differentials for laptop use (I ordered those when starting EM and they were way to weak for me then). I have the impression I am naturally moving towards D2s.

Update on Normalized (N1)
Nothing new here unfortunately. My gains with the D1, which are apparent by the distance my monitor stands at, are not met with the gains in distance vision. I take my 6m-Snellen and the subtitles on the TV as indicators for visual clarity. Especially for last I do notice fluctuations according to the day.

One thing I have noticed: If I just come from a “D1 screentime session” and change into my N1 to watch something on netflix on the TV I can see very clear! Then my vision blurs slightly and stays that way. Anybody got an idea what is up with that?

I may be looking into the distance too seldom in these winter days though my outdoor time is good (between 2 to 4 hours a day). I do feel a little frustrated.

As measured with the mentioned app my measurements are going very slowly in the right direction.

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Yeah winter is tough ~! fight on jane

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