January 1, 2019 Progress Update

I posted this video in the facebook group:

Short version: starting to see 20/40 without glasses, using -0.75 lenses, and hoping to pass the DMV test by the end of 2019. For those who watch, let me know if you like the format of a “walking video.” Thanks!


Great video! I’ve always watched your videos with big interest, but particularly like this more dynamic one with nature as a background :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
Oh yeah, passing the driver test is my goal too for this year (but on the other hand I’m not very enthusiastic about the idea of going to the optometrist :thinking: ). I hope you can reach your goal!:four_leaf_clover:
Anyways congrats for your improvement, it’s really impressive, especially in view of your myopia level at the start.


Thanks, Sandra! I really didn’t expect to get into making videos when I did the first one. Turns out I’m having fun with it. In a way, it was easier to film outside because there are fewer distractions than with children in the house.

Hard to say about the DMV test: Sometimes it feels like I could go in there and nail it, and other times I wonder if I’m getting ahead of myself. Either way, it’s worth setting the goal at this point.

Good luck to you as well!


I really like the videos too Matt. Good luck this summer and hope you make it at the DMV!

“much beauty in this world”…so true Matt! This is one reason why these outdoor footage videos are so appreciated… I’m happy to see Jake adding more outdoor shots.

I love hearing accents and seeing landscapes across the globe so even if members making progress are camera-shy, audio-visual aids are much better than reading text and they don’t have to show their face, just voice over their footage. :wink:

Great inspiring video …less motion is better for me so I just look away and listen until you show the landscapes… Virgina is beautiful even under overcast skies :grin:


Thanks! I’ll be sure to post either way.

It’s fun to do the videos outside. Good point about the accents, too. Learning some languages in addition to English has been on my “someday / maybe” list for awhile. Too many irons in the fire to do it now, but the international part of endmyopia reminds me to keep it in mind.

The seasons in Virginia are spectacular. Winter has some gray skies and barrenness to it, but it’s all a reminder of the cycles of life that we go through.

Perhaps I’ll look for some other outdoor spots. I had to talk myself into filming while on the trail because it looked like I was talking to myself. As usual, no one really seems to care!

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In this era with Bluetooth and solf-videos, talking to yourself in public seems less noticeable😁. I agree about the seasons…I love the Spring but if we didn’t have the dark Winters, I wouldn’t appreciate Spring as much.

Oh, you’re right about that without question. I still had to get out of my own head about it, though. One of my experiences last year in going without glasses was the realization that people just don’t pay that much attention. Yes, spring is lovely!

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It’s so true what you say about dependence on glasses. I can’t take off my glasses without being crippled. A low myope like you with dirty or broken glasses can usually go, meh, whatever, and just take them off. Beyond -2, this becomes a real problem. Beyond -3, well… better try to use the glasses anyway, because there’s not much to see without them.

Good idea to shoot for a goal in 2019! I’ll make mine to pass the -3 milestone on all measures. Last year, I mostly equalized, enabling me to comfortably read books without glasses. After passing -3, I could start doing some desk tasks without glasses. I like the idea of restoring the ability to do another kind of thing without glasses every year, dropping the dependence bit by bit.

I’d love to know more details about your past story. You must have a lot of glasses that you grew out of!


@Varakari, finally something we totally disagree on! In good light, I have zero issues without glasses, and if anything I’m a half diopter more nearsighted than you are. I do things requiring moderate levels of visual coordination just fine, like gardening. I think the quality of vision at any level of myopia varies a good bit from person to person. I often feel my vision is more in line with people with a whole diopter less myopia. And I’m not the only one like this…I have a good friend who is around -1 or so, and has not needed glasses in many years…yet his vision is near perfect as you’d expect of someone with a lower refractive state.

I can only imagine how good my vision will be when I get to point Matt is at today.

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By the way, Matt, nice update!

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Some of the history is in my other YouTube videos. I’ve definitely been there, not being able to see anything without the glasses. Little bit at a time and the impact of the habits over the years is the key.

Just chip away at it a bit at a time! I remember reading the posts when I first started thinking g the same things.

Thanks! They’re fun to do and help me to track progress.

Okay, I was being a bit hyperbolic. Actually, I was thinking about situations when I actually want to, or have to, take off my glasses – situations in which they likely break or otherwise fail.

Like, trying to find the way in Japan – maybe add a typhoon or earthquake for good measure. Or on a muddy Slovenian bike trail, when it’s raining all day, the way forward is blocked, and we need to take strange routes. Or in the Alps at night in the snow, after someone lost footing and slid into me. Glasses have this uncanny – but quite logical – tendency to fail exactly where you need them most.

That’s why I think Matthew got it exactly right. With multi-diopter myopia, you better learn to be careful. With low myopia, it’s just not that bad.


I like the walking video. I’m jealous. Went walking at my work parking lot but it’s not petty like where you were. I got 15 mins in trying to do a little active focus on our logos on our deliver trucks.

I really dig your videos, Matt. Very personal, free form but direct, almost like having a discussion with you. I landed here (a month late), as I watched the video just now on your youtube channel.

I enjoyed the reference to you accidentally breaking your glasses and not caring. In moments of doubt in my short (and lazy) journey of endofmyopia, I draw on benefits that I have even if my eyesight was not drastically improving. Glasses are no longer a very expensive and fragile part of me. I still need glasses as I did before, but I have several pairs now, which I all got very cheap (compared to earlier frames). Some part of my lack of self esteem in life is due to having a strong description as a kid, and and the thought that if I lost my glasses I was blind and not able to defend myself etc.