🎙 Joey: 40% Better Eyesight - In ONE Year | Shortsighted Podcast

Had a great time recording this episode.

Short clip:

Joey is a fascinating dude and living an interesting life.

Plus, being excited. Awesome.

It’s one thing to make 40% gains in ANYTHING in a year. Another to actually have context and perspective, and real actual excitement for being able to use your eyesight for something you love.


Full episode:


I see some changes eh, a new youtube account!

New subtitles! BTW, personally found Youtube’s CC to be more accurate

Also, Pin me up chief (: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWsoo6L2YbA&lc=UgyhqVLAa2exHF9vpod4AaABAg

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Yee aret pinnethd.

It’s endless stuff with all the to-do bits. :joy: Trying out these subtitle that I can easily export and also burn into videos optionally.

Really don’t have the time but then these podcasts are such good conversations and I try not to let them get lost behind a ONE HOUR LONG time stamp.