Johnn Ongoing Gains Report Starting Jan 1 2019

This is “Johnn Ongoing Gains Report Starting Jan 1 2019”.
Also see “Johnn First 6 Months Gains Report Jan to June 2019”
Also see “Johnn Introduction” in category Introductions.

The following pdf’s contain the linear fit data and graphs every six months for daily Centimeter (edge of blur) measurements - 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_01.pdf (38.8 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_02.ods (57.7 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_03.pdf (18.8 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_04.pdf (37.8 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_05.pdf (18.8 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_06.pdf (37.7 KB)

centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_07.pdf (38.5 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_08.pdf (38.7 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_09.pdf (38.4 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_10.pdf (39.4 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_11.pdf (38.4 KB)
centimeter_chart_libre_calc_2019_12.pdf (39.0 KB)

Here are the CM deltas by month (ending minus beginning CM)
Bam = both eyes morning measurement
Bpm = both eyes evening measurement
       Bam     Bpm
Jan    -2.5   +1
Feb    +1     +1.5
Mar     0     -0.5
Apr    +1.5   +5
May    +1     +2
Jun    +4     +2
Jul    +3     +4
Aug    +5     +8
Sep    -4      0
Oct    +3     +3
Nov    -1      0
Dec     0     +1
Total   +11   +27  CM

SUMMARY for second 6 months 2019:

20/30 on 4/24/2019 at “Visionworks” (a mall chain)

R -2.50 -0.50 x 180
L -2.50 -0.50 x 180

“beginning fluency” with 20/30 on 12/19/2019 at home by me with 20 foot chart at 20 feet and lighting controlled to approximately match the optometric standard (indoors)

R -2.00 x no cyl
L -2.00 x no cyl


For the year 2019 I dropped 0.5 D sphere and 0.5 cylinder

I believe that progress matches the average Jake reports of about 0.75 D per year. For me that is extra satisfying because my acuity was parked at about 20/30 with about 2.75 D sphere + 0.75 D cyl for over 30 years despite several multi-year attempts to get recovery moving again (before Endmyopia). Also I am 69 years old. I am getting my first taste of body systems hitting limits that were not there previously. It is a relief to find no significant block to reducing m myopia.

My current goals (first half 2020) are:

  1. stabilize at 20/30 with 2.00 D and reach for 20/20 with that refraction; and then
  2. reduce sphere by 0.25 while hopefully getting more fluent Active Focus at 20 feet+. Active focus at distance is still somewhat elusive for me after about 10 months working toward it.

What excellent record keeping and clear reporting! Congratulations on the improvement. You are nearing the age I set for oldies (70+) and therefore a good candidate for what I suggested to Jake - an interview with an older person who has made good gains.

I started hitting those limits some years ago. I deal with them with the Buddhist practice of learning to accept ‘what is’ with equanimity. But because ‘what is possible’ is also part of ‘what is’, this does not means one has to remain static. Now that I know that it is possible, I approach reversing myopia with the same equanimity as I accepted my myopia in the first place. I was not looking for ways to improve it but happened on EM through Jake’s interview with Ivor Cummins. The attitude of equanimity helps with the process; not impossibly eager, not impatient, not stressed by setbacks - just intrigued by what I am learning about vision and what is happening to mine.
Forgive me for this bit of philosophising. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: