Josh: -4.50 To -1.75 Diopter Progress

New Shortsighted Podcast Episode with Josh:

Me even more Zombie than usual, that virus thing really did slow down my already wee brain.


Naah, naah! That is the authentic-organic-Himalayan-meditating-Guru who has been disturbed midway look :bearded_person: :mountain: :v:

Some gold nuggets for low myopes at 05:26 and 16:38 :+1: … the reducing diopters (-0.75, -0.50) for glass wearers, :100: percent true (totally did not work for me!). Different with contacts maybe. But keeping to lenses on, lenses off for the moment.


What happened? Have you got a vaccination or is it the boring lockdown situation?

Good episode. I like short videos.
Long videos kind of scare me and I think most people still look them on their smartphones (btw are there channel statistics about that?), so they probably damage their vision more with long videos.
So better short video-interviews, but long audio-podcasts/interviews.

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I got covid, apparently.

Yes agreed. I also prefer to make them short.

Oh, man. And you mention that you have an interview with Cummins coming online:

Data Reveal the Truth About COVID Countermeasures


An amazing, detailed Irish analysis:

Damn, get well soon!

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