Journey So Far

Hey guys,

So I started Endmyopia 4 months ago with -1.75 left and -2.00 right with .50 cyl. I decided on a normalized of -1.25 mainly using contact lenses.

I recently visited 2 optometrists to confirm the results.

The first optometrist gave me a prescription of -1.5 both eyes with no astigmatism. This correction was a little biased as during the subjective test I mistakenly said “ 1 is same as 2 when it wasn’t”.

The second optometrist gave me a prescription of -1.75 both eyes no astigmatism. During the subjective test I fully said the correct answers.
I noticed that I see very well with this correction, and I play professional soccer so is it a good idea to use this correction for sports performance?

All in all I improved -0.25 in my right according to the optometrist, and my astigmatism has vanished. Also my eyes according to all optometrists have equalized.

Apparently my optometrist does not believe in EndMyopia and my progress has stalled recently. Should I start using -1.00 normalized?

Also can Endmyopia work using only contact lenses?

For soccer -1.25 is very weak and my vision is a solid 20/30 on a bright sunny day and at times I see 20/20 line. But at night I struggle to see well, it is blurry.

Should I start using -1.5 to get active focus, or go lower to challenge my eyes more?

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Making good progress!

Yes, people have done it.

It sounds like -1.75 is “full correction” and you could use that for playing soccer. If you’re getting some focus challenge out of -1.5 that’s probably all you need for normalized. In general you want to be just a tiny bit under-corrected. -1.25 doesn’t sound crazy though if you’re seeing 20/30 and sometimes 20/20. -1 sounds like too much reduction for right now. You have to make your own decisions but that’s how it sounds to me based on what you wrote.

I don’t think you’ll improve faster with a bigger undercorrection. You just need a little bit of stimulus to keep things moving in the right direction.


I will double down with what @nycmao already said. More challenge doesn’t equal more gainz, common misconception. I will add that

is a misleading measurement, I hit more on that here: More on measuring - YouTube Personally I aim for a 20/30 with sometimes 20/25 in indoor lighting with out that sun advantage that does level off after a certain distance. This also makes for a much more comfortable correction in lower lighting as well. Even more on why I choose this standard here: Normalized - YouTube
But as already stated too, we each make our own decisions here.
Welcome to the community and Best Wishes in your journey.


Apart from what @nycmao and @Lloydmom have said, you could keep this thread handy.

All the best👍


I too went back up to -1.50 after being “stuck” on -1.25 for a long time.
If the -1.50 does provide some slight blur challenge, I’d stick with them until there is no challenge anymore.


For pro soccer I’d keep the -1.75D. You won’t be gazing at the smart phone screen while playing soccer, so little risk of close up time with full correction. You can order -1.5D contacts and see how well you can see with them - not during pro soccer but when you go out casually or just do e.g. strength training alone. Gradually after some weeks / months you should simply realise that there is no significant difference between the two and then you can stay on -1.5D for soccer, too.
For normalised, I would not go lower than your current pair of -1.25D. You need 20/20ish on a bight sunny day which then becomes 20/30 or even 20/40 in the evening under artificial lights. Don’t reduce before the evening vision gets to a very solid 20/30.
If you feel your progress stopped then you can nudge it by deliberately searching for texts to clear around you. Everyday things will do. Boxes and bottles on the kitchen counter, books on the shelves. License plates. Reading at the edge of clarity. No need to read through the blur, just be at the inner edge of the blur.

I did the whole journey with contact lenses only. So yes.

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What do you mean by contact lenses only? I am a contact wearer also so am wondering if I can do this too.

My max correction was -2.5D only which allowed me to work in front of the monitor without corrections.
So differentials = zero correction for close up and when at home; normalised/full corrections = contact lenses needed for distance vision
I never had glasses. Can’t wear them.

Hello @Elsonp10, I read your update post and I was curious about the fact that how did you manage to remove your 0.5 astigmatism, like did you do something specifically to remove the astigmatism? I also have 0.5 astigmatism and I am not seeing much improvement.

Okay. Thanks. :slight_smile: