Julias updates (started from -5.00)


Here is my first update :partying_face:
(after introduction post)

Doctors visit -
I just visited an ophthalmologist to see where I am.
OD (right eye) - 3.5
LS (left eye) - 4.25
REFR OD - 3.5 - 0.5 AX 163
REFR OS - 4.25 + 0.00 AX 0

I didn’t notice the number next to AX and didn’t ask the doctor what it means. I guess it’s for astigmatism. It’s just 0.5 so not bad at all. My glasses have no astigmatism correction and I don’t plan on adding it ^^

I had 0.5 diopter difference between eyes and now the difference has gotten higher (to 0.75). I will check the blog to get some tips on how to work with one eye.

I got my new glasses -
OD (rigt eye) -3.5
OS (left eye) -4.0
It’s 0.25 less for the left eye than what doctor prescribed today.
My plan is to get my left eye to catch up and go to -4.00.

CM measurements -
My centimeter measurements vary from 32 - 36 cm (without glasses) in 200 - 400 LUX (light).

Phone addiction -
I changed my smartphone to a flip phone (Nokia 2720 Flip) two weeks ago. This flip phone has WhatsApp and Gmail so I can stay connected. It’s very inconvenient to text on this phone so I have switched to voice messages on WhatsApp.

I still have my smartphone as a backup but it’s for emergency only (I see it as tiny computer, not a phone anymore). So far it works great!


Correct. Simply means that if you ordered your glasses from an opto shop they would add some extra correction at the axis of 163. Distorting your vision at that axis only towards an oval.
Yes, first time -0.5D cyl can be scrapped, no need to get used to it and then struggle to let go of it.

Love the approach! Brilliant ideas.

Good luck on your journey! :blush:

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Thank you for confirming that :raised_hands:

Thank you for your encouragement! I will keep at it :muscle:

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