Just encountered Jake Steiner but started myopia reversal almost 2 years ago


I’ve really encountered fairly recently, 1 month ago probably or less and it’s great seeing people also believing that myopia could be reversed.

I’m 25 years old. I started growing up on TV and a Nintendo 64 ever since I was 3-4 years old (since my elder brother and I shared the same room) and ever since, I’ve spent much of my life in front of TV screens and then later in front of desktop screens (almost never on smartphone screen even today, that’s the bright side of the story I guess).

Anyway, my older brother never got glasses since he played often outside with friends and didn’t spend that much time in front of screens (only about 1 year ago, he started having glasses for a mild myopia because he spent all of it’s time studying bachelor, master and post-master expert degree in economics…So all time reading books and studying and then at his work, spend all his time in front of screens…So it makes sense). So myopia being genetic didn’t make sense, not only because of my brother but also because of my whole ancestry, nobody got classes except one of my aunt who loved reading books.

In 2006, when I was 10-11 years old, school sent me to a school optometrist and saw that I had myopia and then wrote to me a prescription and here started the descend into hell.

My history of prescription.

Right: -1,25 Sph / 0 Cyl
Left: -1,25 Sph / 0 Cyl

Right: -2,75 Sph / ? Cyl
Left: -2,25 Sph / ? Cyl

Right: -3,25 Sph / 0 Cyl
Left: -2,75 Sph / -0,75 Cyl 160°

Right: -3,50 Sph / 0 Cyl
Left: -3,00 Sph / -0,75 Cyl 160°

(Gap or missing history glass prescription? )

early 2019
Right: -4,25 Sph / -0,5 Cyl 10°
Left -4,00 Sph / - 1,00 Cyl 160°

From that point, I felt that myopia didn’t make sense in the evolutionary genetic sense but rather that it was environnement and stimulus induced in healthy people. Overall, the gross lie that my medical ophtomether (the ones that don’t sell glasses) told me, which was "if you wear your glasses all the time, your myopia will decrease in time) even though my next and next prescription were getting stronger and stronger convinced me that I was lied to, I was a guinea pig for an experiment that nobody told me about which was to get me hooked to glasses which would destroy my vision and force me to buy the next “high drug” of prescription to get my fill.

Anyway, the 2019 glasses made me see so well across the world, seeing all the details on the mountains and lake but I also had considerable headaches and fatigue because of them so I just reverted to my older prescription for the meanwhile.

Here is where I started my journey alone, me and my hunch and my rationale and my instinct.
Late 2019, I went to an independent glass seller optometrist and told him I wanted weaker glasses only for the desktop screen and indoors while I planned to not use glasses at all outside, because I thought that my eye’s muscles and brain would improve by themselves with the naked eye, being forced to “exercice” instead of being dormant and letting all the artificial glasses doing all the work, making the eyes and brain part of the vision completely atrophied. He was a little bit reticent but he finally went through and prescribed to me glasses with Right: -2.75 / -0,50 Cyl 10° Left: -2.25 Sph / -1.00 Cyl 160° .

Those glasses were great and I saw everything clearly, not crisp sharp of course but I could fonction without any problem whatsoever and I even regretted that he didn’t lower it even more. Anyway, those costed the equivalent of 400 $, on top of the 400$ of the early 2019 corrections. ¨

But finally, I only just wear them frequently for about 2 months because then, I just decided to go no glasses at all, and do everything with my bare eyes, unless I absolutely needed those glasses for something which was rare. My intuition was that I would progress faster but there was also and more importantly a financial aspect: I could reverse my myopia by lowering diapoters over time, because it cost so much money, 300$-400$ every pair of glasses and being a student without any earning money, I just couldn’t so I just started with my bare eyes right away because I would have to do it this way over the years anyway because of money.

The beginning was miserable, especially in front of the desktop screen, even had to use the in-built magnifier glass app inside windows 10 to even see “correctly”. But after a few weeks, I could fonction already way better inside and outside and I could see already way better, and I would blink to see better some things, I didn’t even think about it, it was natural, I had no glasses and I was in blur so to see, I had to do something so I did the blinking and it work, simple as that.

Keep in mind that I always spent all my free time in front of screen, playing video games and websurfing, so I didn’t suffer from this “blur adaption” that Jake Steiner talks about, since I’ve always hide in my room like a nerd rat.

Anyway, failed my school, spent some months/one year in front of my screen but then landed a job as a Gardner late 2020. Still didn’t use glasses but sometimes, in bad condition and working in shadows, I had to use my glasses (the late 2019 ones) and I soon as I was finished using them, I couldn’t see shit literally for days after that without glasses. I don’t know if it’s the Cyl correction that screws with my eyes, the Sph correction or both, since I wasn’t accustomed to glasses for more than one year up to that point. Everything time that I had to exceptionally put my glasses, even for a limited time, it was the same story.

Anyway, I started to have headaches because of a totally unrelated and now solved problem and I had to resign in February 2021 from my job. I had to go to the hospital because of that in the middle of my work day and since I also had diziness symptoms along with my headaches, the nurse told me that I should wear my glasses, to eleviate this feeling of diziness… Well, I made the mistake of listeing to her advice and started wearing my glasses all the time (the late 2019 corrections) spending 14-16hours a day in front of the computer, having a pseudo-depression and a headache problem that we couldn’t find the cause… I wore them for months.

When I finally decided to remove them, I couldn’t see shit, just like when I started this journey in late 2019 and I was so disgusted with this that I almost decided to stop this journey and submit to the glasses fate and by a slave to them. But I finally decided to give it another ago and pretty much never wore my glasses, except 2-3 days for a limited time. (and every time, I would have bad vision the days after).

So here is the final part of the story, I finally decided to go to an opthometrist to test my vision again and I even prepared by doing long walks to the lake so that I could practice active focus which was very good with me, I could even clear up practically all the blur even in very very far ranges for a limited time occasionally (that’s why I don’t fell that I am blur adapted ). However, I was invited literally the day before to drink with people and since I very rarely have the chance to socialize, since I spent 10-14 hours a day even those last months in front of the computer, I decided to go and I took my late 2019 glasses just in case.

Well, it was outside and it was getting dark so I decided to put my glasses for a hour approximalitey, so I could see the faces corerct.y…Wouldn’t hurt to put them a little bit after more than a year of vision improvement, right?

Big mistake, the day after, I couldn’t see nothing compared to usual, it was a blurry mess, I couldn’t active focus like I used to, my vision was getting all worked up and struggling to work the image just like a camera that keeps moving it’s focus point, I also had strong double vision like never before (Astigmatism) and the impression of ghosting especially on text… Oh well, I made a big mistake but I did the test anyway, which was 2 days from today and here are the results.

late May 2021 results
Right: -2.75 Sph / -1.00 Cyl 5°
Left -2.50 Sph / - 2.00 Cyl 170°

Well, my myopia has decreased which wasn’t a surprise since it was so obvious from my vision experience (even though he told me the real result was closer to -3.00 Sph but he put a little less because I told him that my early 2019 correction hurt my head because they were fully corrected)…But the Astigmatism pretty much doubled for no reason whatsoever and I think that I can comfortably blame my 1 hour usage of my glasses the night before which surely confused the heck of my eyes and my brain even up to now. Even text and UI elements that I used to see on my computer clearly were very hard to read after the latest eye test and I got very visible double vision which I did not have on those very predictable Ui elements and text that I’ve seen for several months that didn’t have all those problems.

So yeah, I think that’s transient Astigmatism ( Transient Astigmatism: Lower Diopters, Now Got Astigmatism? | Daily Beard | Jake Steiner - YouTube ) because of this stupid mistake I did just before the eye exam and even though it stayed for the following two days, I can say that now, the double vision on text and UI elements has greatly reduced already compared to two days ago, even if my vision isn’t has “perfect” that it was only 5 days ago, were I had very strong and pretty much stable Active Focus practice, even my eye would do it automatically without my blinking at all, like a camera finding it’s focal point.

So yeah, I’ve watched a lot of jake steiner’s videos, and I’ll see his free 7 days email course but my general idea for now is the following.

I know that I can do this myopia reversal without glasses since I greatly improved even though I stayed 10-14 hours a day in front of my desktop for most time without glasses and then 3 months with my glasses in front of screens. I also had a gardener job which probably helped me (but not that much I think because you do almost only close up work, even though it doesn’t seem so from the outside). I want to keep doing it without glasses ideally since I know it works well for me and since I don’t have a choice because I can’t afford 400$ glasses 2-4 times a year, I have no money and no job. I’ve just learned the existence of Zenni optic so I’ll consider this option now.

Since I’ve also lived without any astigmatism corrections (bare eyes) for almost more 1,5 year, if I decide to go with the Zenni glasses route, I’ll probably don’t put any astigmatism correction and just put myopia correction and lowering by -0.5 diapoter every time, since I know that I can support it very well and improve my myopia very well like that. And I probably also equalize my right and left eye to the same exact diapoter correction, since the eye exam I just did prove that the difference between both eyes is now only -0.25 and both eyes would probably be equal in a short amount of time.

All of that is my “hunch” plan for me, but I’ll first see the 7 day email list and then the Wiki and I’ll happilly reconsider my intuitive plan if it makes no sense and could hurt my journey.

So yeah, this works.


Woah that was long! Anyway, welcome aboard. In my experience it’s best to wear the strongest lenses that still leave Some blur for whatever you’re doing. I. E. The strongest too weak glasses if that makes sense. For both your computer glasses and your distance glasses. That gives you the best combination of a clarity reference so your brain knows what to aim for but enough stimulus to make you active focus. Plus least chance of eye strain.

By the way I also notice astigmatism can vary somewhat day by day. So if you wanted to be really sure get yourself a cheap test lens kit with a Jackson Cross cylinder and measure yourself, but yeah not absolutely necessary.

Anyway zenni is really cheap. If you choose cheap frames, just get the 1.57 index free lenses and the 5$ anti reflection coating and you’re out of there spending less than 20 bucks

Just make sure you get your pupillary distance right.


Totally agree with @Lajos, measure your PD carefully.

It also helps if you figure out what size frames fit your head. One trick I read online is the PD of the frames themselves is the first two number on the frame added (so if you have frames that are 53-15-140) the PD of the frame itself is 68mm, so in general you’ll do better with frames that are close to your actual PD (your eyes will be centered in the frames, and the lenses will be centered in the frame too.)

You can get really far with any of the online vendors (I’ve had good luck with goggles4u and eyebuydirect going with their under $10 frames and 50% off coupons, and I have also never heard anyone say anything bad about zenni.) If you really wanted to you could probably just buy a -2.5 SPH for distance and -1 SPH for in front of the computer and that would keep you going for a while until you’re ready for weaker glasses.

It’s interesting how wearing an over-correction even for a short period of time trashes your vision. @NottNott talks about it on one of his recent videos-- he went from from -5 to under -3 now, and if he puts on his old pair of -5 glasses even for a moment he feels like he’ll be sick (he tells the story better than I do, but that’s what I got out of it.)

So I think your plan will work. It’s easier and more comfortable if you can afford 0.25 reductions more frequently, but you could probably save money and do half-diopter drops. It will still give you plenty of focus challenge and be a big improvement over no-glasses-at-all.

The more you can get away from screens and be outdoors the faster you’ll improve, too, I think. As you mentioned in your post being on the computer or with your head in the books all the time creates conditions for myopia progression.

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Yeah forgot to add, don’t use the single digit PD, use the separate numbers for each eye measured to centre of bridge of nose, many people are not perfectly symmetric


Now this is my idea of a “thriller”! Thanks for writing out your account and I look forward to further installments. In the cash flow department: I’ll second the praise for Zennioptical. All appprox 15 of my glasses came from them as outlined by another poster – I have paid about $20. each for lowest cost frames plus anti-reflective coating. They are reasonably stylish and delivered soon enough for my needs (approx 2 weeks I think). No errors no quality issues and plenty long lasting if you treat them kindly. Just make sure you order what you want. I believe they are not big on returns or exchanges however (I have no experience in that area.)


Congrats on the gains so far :tada:

Definitely change to cheap online glasses as the others recommended.

For the increasing cyl value:
Having a cyl in the prescription and wearing it, too, easily triggers lens induced cyl progression over the years. And wearing glasses before the opto visit makes your vision worse.
But do you happen to have a habit of looking down in front of you and then up to a screen, to a board, to people, or down to the lawnmower and then to the lawn to mow ahead of you, and you do majority of this movement with your eyes only? Can it be that when you look left or right you are more likely to move your head with your eyes, too? Or you simply look less in those directions? That would explain why the vertical part improved more (it has its full range of natural motion) and why the horizontal line needs more correction, i.e cylinder…

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I was thinking you were at the risk of getting blur adaptation (as I became blur adapted due to some behaviors you’ve described) and yet you seemed fine!

I’m looking forward to hear more of your updates on this journey!

Thanks for suggesting this, I never thought of it. Will give it a try on my next purchase…

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I am more and more considering getting Zenni glasses and continuing my journey with glasses, just to make my journey a little bit easier.

And yes @BiancaK , I would move my whole head to look down when mowing the law, because you pretty much have to get a good view of what is laying in front of the machine, in order not to destroy it or hurt some animal or cut someone fingers. :wink: