Just got close up glasses

I just got my first pair of close up glasses today. Should I be wearing these basically all day unless I am outside doing activities or driving? I am a piano teacher and homeschool mom so can function well with the close up glasses for those things. Of course I can’t see faces far away in the other room clearly or the calendar on the wall clearly. How often should I be wearing my full strength lenses and how often the close up lenses? Will it hurt my eyes at all to wear the close up lenses most of the time?

You should be wearing them for any activities that are closer than an arm’s length. And you should be wearing normalised or full prescription for anything above 6 meters. What you wear between these distances is down to personal preference and accommodation skills.

Quoting from another post:

At the beginning of your journey, anything that is at max 70 to 90 cms is close up and distance is everything else. As people progress with the drops, they often find that they feel comfortable wearing differentials for most indoor activities when there are no texts to read (it is especially true for those who have the monitor closer to a meter distance) and distance vision changes to TV and all outdoor activities.

And another one:

For indoors in general I would encourage going with differentials most of the time, practice AF during the day: reading labels on the things on the counter in the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil, micro to heat food, etc, in the bathroom the bottles of the shower gel, shampoo, etc while brushing teeth. And sometimes wearing the normalised or full corrections to take note of the difference in acuity.
As you’ll reduce your normalised and differential glasses, you’ll notice that the bubble with really good clarity will become bigger and bigger until you will see no benefit of wearing normalised or full corrections at home at all.


I remember an answer from a post saying that if you do closeups less than 15 minutes then you don’t have to switch to differentials as switching to multiple lenses can tire out the visual cortex.


As always, there is the risk that you say it meaning “1x 10minutes exception within the day”, but someone will read it as “10 minutes close-up then 5 minutes distance repeatedly” is still OK in norms.
Of course, it would not be your fault but of the person who free translated it while looking for shortcuts and exemptions…

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Thank you @BiancaK. I have forgotten about that. If one has to do that repetitively in a day, it would be better to wear the differentials as the majority of the time involves closeup work.