Keep the monitor brightness up

Reading random sources, a tidbit about monitor related eye strain:

LCDs do not go out of focus but are also susceptible to flicker if the backlight for the LCD uses PWM for dimming. This causes the backlight to turn on and off for shorter intervals as the display becomes dimmer, creating noticeable flickering which causes eye fatigue.

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Interesting. No wonder I can’t focus well on them. I tend to keep the brightness low, as too bright is a big strain. But so it too dim. I think the polarization and fact that the screen is like a shadow image behind a glass later, is also an issue that makes it fuzzy.

Interesting, I found the opposing: if I don’t use my screen at maximum brightness, I feel my eyes straining. Do you usually use computer in well lit room or tend to do it in dark?

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I tend to use the tablet in the evening in dim ambient light, so it’s set to match. But you have to accept some blur if you do that. It just seems better than burning out my retinas with too much brightness.

PWM is indeed a disgrace. If I still had some monitors with that technology, I’d make sure to crank up the ambient brightness to match, so I can run them at max nit.
It’s also possible to change the overall brightness of the screen with software solutions (sacrificing color range unfortunately), kinda like the night mode, so that’s also an option if you’re stuck with a PWM backlight.

There’s also dark mode settings in many apps that keeps the overall back light brightness up but shows more dark pixels. If they have PWM on individual pixel black light that won’t help.