Kelowna, BC, CA, mentored by a American primitive musical star

Hey all. I’ve been wearing glasses since age 8. Coming on 40 years and now stuck with -4.0 and astigmatism & progressive middle age lenses.

The original doc back in 1981told me ‘only for blackboard use’ but I never took the damn things off & now here we are. Got into endmyopia because a woman musician I much admire shared her story. So here we go. Already switched to using differentials for close up & following the 20-20-20 rule to stretch the eyes. Used normalized contacts for snowboarding all season & now onto ditching the progressive lenses for everyday use.


Welcome to the forum. There is a lot to read, learn and apply. But it can be done. You are in good company here.

Welcome! Sounds like you are on track :smiley:

This appeals to my curious nature. I wonder what music star is sharing EM…

are you allowed to share the name of the musician