Kevin's introduction

Copy and paste from the old introduction thread:

Hello all. Glad to be here.
I’m Kevin from the US. I’ve been in glasses at least 35 years. Bifocals since 42. I did the 7 day email program long ago but just joined the forum. I’ve heard Jake mention the forum countless times in videos. No idea what took me so long.
I started out last year at -3 diopter with -.25 to -.75 cylinder. I’ve despised the astigmatism correction for probably 15 years. I’ve always wanted use my older weaker glasses for close up use in hobbies and work. I actually felt comfortable with distance blur I just couldn’t stand the different cylinder in older glasses.
I finally asked my optician for a pair of -2 safety glasses for woodworking and welding. He said he couldn’t do that. I tried another shop and they said no. That’s when I started looking online and found Zenni and Not sure which was first.
I worked down to -2.25 in less than a year. Then life threw me a few curves. Health and personal problems distracted me and I just gave up. I stopped carrying my differentials and quit thinking about eye sight.
Early this year I was back up to -2.75 and needing -3 for distance vision. So now I’m back on track and doing it all again.
Currently wearing -2.5 normalized and closing in on 20/25. Planning on waiting until late July to go back to -2.25 so I don’t rush things.
I’m not here looking for diopter advice. I just want to learn more and maybe share conversations with like minded people.
Thanks for reading.