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For the back story: My Intro

Decided to post what I’ve done and found. I rarely measure on the Snellen. I’ve got my own “chart” I’ll try to share later. I’ve had a bad experience measuring cms this time as well so little data to share.

*All of my glasses are equalized and with no cylinder correction.

*When I say messy vision, it’s some clear image, mixed with blur and double vision. Credit to Gemily for the term messy as I was calling it crap in my notes.

*When I reference clarity, it refers to seeing detail in my “chart” or just when the messiness is gone.


2020 I’ve been wearing -2.75 and need -3.0. I’ve lost nearly all accommodation and anything closer than arms length is blurry. Time to restart.

4/16 I started using differentials again finally

5/10 switched to -2.5 normalized. Around 20/30

7/10 started getting some good clarity

7/12 everything has good clarity all the time with slightest of blur in dark. No detectable double vision or astigmatism.

7/15 Not quite 20/20 at 80 lumens

7/24 140 lumens, 30min after waking, -2.50 = 20/20. -2.25 close but not quite 20/30. Switched to -2.25 normalized. Blur challenge is back. Feels good. Good vision in sunlight.

Late July to early August I’m finally convinced I’ve found AF.

8/9 Noticed some improved clarity, rather than just blur.

9/13 Vision had been messy for a couple weeks.
Vision clearing up the day after drinking no less.

9/27 2 weeks of bouncing between clear and messy vision, and I woke up this morning with the best vision since July. I’ve done hours of extreme close work today and eye strain and ciliary spasm have won over.

10/2 another noticable improvement. Green lights are signs are starting to come into focus sooner. Road white line doubling is completely gone for half the day or so. Blur only noticeable if I really look for it, also for first half of the day. Good vision now is a solid 20/25.

10/2 First day I’ve noticed no loss in vision by days end even in low light.

I’ll not even consider reducing to -2.0 for another month, maybe 2, but I’m happy with the current progress.

I can currently read on my phone or paper with my normalized at 16in or about 40cm. I make an effort to read a text or sign a paper to exercise my ciliary. 6 months ago the speedometer in many vehicles was about my near focus. I get ciliary lock up way too fast, so I limit such efforts.

That’ll do for today.


Yay for progress! So glad to hear it is moving along nicely.

Is this meant to say “closer”? Do you have presbyopia too?


Yes on the presbyopia. Started with bifocals in 2013. The joys of middle age.

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Will be interesting to see how the presbyopia responds
to your progress.


Update time.

For the 3rd consecutive day I’m seeing at a new level of clarity for me. I measured this morning at 100% on the 20/25 line of 20 foot Snellen. 110 lumens indoors with decent amount of natural light with the balance LED.

Few days ago I started to notice green gas station signs were coming into focus from a further distance. Same with green traffic lights and especially arrows. Now for the first half of the day I don’t see any blur unless I’m actually looking for it, distance text and such. Also the doubling of the white lines on the road is completely resolved most of the day.

I’m happy with these results. This is a common step each reduction for me. I’ll have 20/25 all day soon as I approach 20/20. It’s enjoyable having 20/25 vision most of the time, I see flashes of 20/20. Once I get to 20/20 all the time, the flashes of 20/15 seem artificially high def and I find that annoying or distracting and reduce my normalized.

I only measure binocular vision. I equalized long ago and my eyes have stayed well balanced. I still compare different things L/R and the differences are always minor.


Nice to read of your progress Kevin. On to the next reduction! :grinning:


So far with each reduction in normalized, presbyopia becomes less of an issue. I can read closer in my norms now than I could in my prescribed glasses in the years before using bifocals. Ciliary spasm is my worst enemy now.

Thank you. I’m glad to have progress to share! Next reduction can wait a while.


My father keeps saying that he has no presbyopia, he only needs reading glasses because his arms are not long enough anymore :laughing:

But good to hear your presbyopia seems to like EM, too.


Glad to hear :slight_smile:

At what diopter did you equalise, and how much difference did you start with?


-2.75 was my first normalized, equalized and dropped cylinder. My eyes were normally within .25 diopters and within .5 on cylinder. I only have records from 2010-2016.


Below -2 is the fun part.


Looking forward to that! Spring 2021.


Literally where I am right now! I dropped the cylinder summer 2019 and was already equalized, but still… Hoping to wrap this -2.75 next month, though December isn’t unreasonable considering how short the daylight hours are already and growing shorter all the time…


Days are getting shorter but I’m still enjoying the sun. Hours of driving in nothing but sunlight today has really helped me. The dark gloomy days of winter are well separated here normally. But this is 2020.

Equalized and cylinder free is the best. Short of no correction of course!


As in nothing is normal? It’s still in the 90s here and that’s not normal it should be below 80.


My sympathy is going out to you dealing with such horrible weather.


yeah sympathies!! It was 40 degrees this morning here.

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Its 40 to 50 in the morning here too Then Bam! 90

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Well, we got close to 70 today… so that was nice


After a few nice bright days, the rain has found us again. Friday started great then gradually turned gloomy. My eyes felt like they were missing sunlight as soon the weather changed. Thoughts of the dark winter and missing progress came to mind.

Saturday was rainy all day, but didn’t seem to bother my vision. The only blur I really noticed today was under florescent lighting.

Amazingly, it’s 10pm and I’m seeing as good as I have all day, after a normal amount of close up.
That’s a first for this reduction. This is always a noteworthy and satisfying step for me.