Kikko and Sightglass vision clinical trials

Has anyone seen this stuff yet? I don’t think Jake has done a video on it.

Looks like there is strong evidence that genetic mutations in cone photo-pigment receptors are responsible for eye growth signaling based on peripheral contrast detection (or something like that).

Check out the articles. They are doing trials with these special glasses that alter contrast in the periphery, showing slowed or stopped axial growth in individual eyes.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Very interesting, and I do hope this turns out to be the solution to myopia progression in children.

“Stopping or slowing the progression of myopia” is nice. But why not reverse it? Does anybody know a lovely, noninvasive method that does that? Maybe some guy stuck on an island someplace can make some videos.


It will be much easier to reverse if we limit its deterioration in the growing eyes of children. We have seen from some parents on the forum that expecting children to follow the EM strategy can be quite challenging. Sometimes the best one can do is to limit the deterioration until such time as they are old enough to be actively motivated and involved in the process.

Adult onset myopia is a different animal.

@DirkVA that stood out for me, too, almost like saying “Myopia is a medical condition and similarly to diabetes or high blood pressure once you have it you have it and you can only look for prescriptions to slow the progression. If you are lucky and your genetics react well you may stop the progression” :roll_eyes:
And guess what, they have something to sell you so you don’t go somewhere else abandoning those poor optos…
If you say myopia is reversible you are one of those sales people who would sell anti aging creams next?? :crazy_face:
Everybody knows there are no such things! It’s time to accept the body deteriorates with age… These are just things to get money from you!
Wait! EM is free? And doesn’t even promise an overnight solution? What is the catch then!?! :thinking:

Turning serious

With or without a genetic disposition keeping the peripheral vision is a way of maintaining / improving the eyesight, these glasses seem to work against glasses causing tunnel vision. Surely helps. Contacts not chopping off part of the vision help, too.

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IMO all that does not make any sense. I’d seek the cause in certain birth trauma and certain skull deformity which tends to run in families. Not interested much in defocus or perception since emmetropes also see hyperopic defocus and whatever.

They fail to explain why eliminating the use of accommodation and overcorrection at a given distance completely halts myopia.

I don’t know esophoria is a very much risky for myopia. For example, one woman I contacted had esotropia in the eye that sees 20/20 and neutral phoria with -1.75 one. This can be explained as accommodation insufficiency in more distant-ready (-1.75 one) eye. The eso deviation could result in accommodative loop and the exo in more than usual hyperopic defocus during close up.

AFAIK no evidence the similarly different genes amongst myopes affect something in eyes. They are just related to myopia. For example, CRISPR is also a “fault” of spinal pattern and scoliosis.