Kindle / E-Book Readers 👍🏻

Bought a friend a Kindle recently. She wants to get better at English and what’s better for better English, than reading a lot? :grimacing:

Watching her all serenely immersed in ‘books’ made me a bit envious. So I bought one also.

I used to own these back in the day actually. Like a big nerd. (how’d I end up with glasses? :thinking:) Used to read 1-3 books a week, most weeks. When that a thing because no YouTube and social media. Somehow the advent of all the Internet distractions, business, work, travel, who-knows-what, got me off the track of reading.

Having the Kindle again though, complete revelation.

It defies describing, how nice it feels to have no notifications, no apps, no colors, none of the distractions. And that e-ink screen that really is just like a book page.

The quiet of a nice coffee shop, and never being interrupted by some sliding notification thingie or the itch to swipe in some app, is brilliant. If you happen to like reading and lost the habit, I recommend trying an e-book reader!

This obviously doesn’t count as “no screen time” but to me, still beats modern-device-time.


“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.” – Carl Sagan


Is that all?! I used to do that most days…
I love the e-ink readers, you keep posting about them and I am going to have to replace mine :joy: (which is sadly no longer supported).


I’m a big fan of e-ink readers too! It’s so convenient to be able to transport a hundred books in a tiny device which is conveniently (from a distraction standpoint) not multi-purpose. The fact that it reflects ambient light is what sells it for me, because it guarantees I won’t be reading in less than ideal lighting conditions. I’m more likely to actually take it with me to the park on a sunny day and enjoy the ability to read as comfortably as on paper (when the light would be too intense for me to see anything on my regular tablet)


I love them too, have an old kindle. Still books are better, but ebooks simply takes much less space and much more easy to handle.

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How I got into glasses in the first place! Fascinating how in a space of hours you can gain insight that took somebody possibly years to acquire. Like getting free treasures.

But then literally haven’t read a single book probably in close to a decade (till now). Crazy.

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Any thoughts on reading “white on blackground” or “black on white background”? I know there was some study done on contrast polarity

Same! When I was a teenager I would literally climb a tree to read without interruption :joy:


It’s less the reading and more the how (the posture, distance and lights) imo

Typical posture for making close up truly close while reading

And adding cyl to the future prescription

But I don’t think this way of reading is a real harm if the lights are good

I’ve always been a bookworm and only regret the reading time under the duvet or the hiding away from visitors cuddling up with a book in a darker corner not to get noticed…
Otherwise it still happens that I start a book at 9pm and read it on to finish until 3am. Books and ebooks, too.


To get better at a language, you also have to start writing. In this way, you can practice using a richer vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. With this practice, your spoken language will also then become more fluent and expressive.

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