Kristy's path back to 20/20

Last November I was wearing -3.25 contacts daily. I’ve been wearing contacts for the last 20 years or so, I haven’t kept any records, so I don’t know where I started or how it’s progressed. I know when I wore glasses there was an astigmatism correction in them, but not my contacts, so I figure it was pretty low. The last few months have been a rollercoaster for me, and I have no idea what I’m doing! :rofl: I’m a stay at home mom of seven kids, so close up doesn’t happen for long without interruptions. :slight_smile: when I think I have time though, I’ll connect my laptop to a big screen 17 feet away and I will read on it. I broke my phone habit a few months ago, now I only use it for calls. I also love to go on walks. So you think this would be easy…but I do have a baby that sometimes keeps me up, occasionally she sleeps through the night and my cm are great on those mornings :slight_smile:
My rollercoaster started while I was waiting for my normalized glasses to come, I tried to active focus without glasses. I did it, I cleared the chart 20 feet away outside. It was awesome, and I did it a ton the next few days because my cm went almost to 50 those mornings! But then I think I strained my muscle or something because I got a migraine and my cm went back down to 38. My eyes have been sensitive to doing that now, and a headache always shows up if I even think of trying it again. My cm have always been a little erratic due to my night’s sleep, and because of confusion of what pair of glasses I should wear during the day, for awhile I was wearing a different pair of glasses as my cm changed during the day. The afternoon, my vision is always so much better, so I would put on another pair of glasses, so as not to ever be overcorrected, it was going fine, until I tried to put on a -1.75 pair of glasses, and I think I broke myself again. My cm dropped, and I had another headache. I learned then about too many focal changes. :confused: Another up and down came with the weather. Snow, ice, and below 0 temps kept me inside, and there was a drop again. Sun came out, and my eyes are going back up. with all these up and downs though, I haven’t improved at all since last December. :frowning: I have improved though since November! Now my right eye is somewhere in the -2.75/-2.5 range in the morning, but climbs to -2 during the day and my left eye, in the -2.5/-2.25 range and climbs to -1.75 during the day. My left eye is comfortable with whatever I do it seems, but my right is holding me back. I think my left is doing all the work. I’m thinking I should leave my glasses with them together and just wait for my right eye to catch up. I’m so glad I discovered Endmyopia, and I know eventually I will figure this out and I will get back to 20/20 :slight_smile:


Good luck with your journey.

To me headaches are a sign of progress, similarly to how I used to get the same kind of headaches due to new stronger glasses.

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Thanks, Kristy. You and I started with the same lense correction in the same month, so your story naturally interests me more than some others. We’re different in that I’m not nearly as conscientious as you with the analysis of such things as time-of-day variability. And I’ve been lucky not to experience the pains that you’ve had, and my diopters have plunged faster than yours have so far. But I’m also not taking care of a bunch of children, so I have only myself to take care of. Good luck!

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So, I can go several hours without glasses, which I prefer, because I hate glasses, and by the time I’m ready to put on glasses, my cm are much better, so I’m thinking of wearing -1.75 as my normalized so I have some blur with both of my eyes together, for just the time that I go on walks/ drive/ nights/movies…, and not wearing glasses otherwise… and hopefully just plan on that for the next three months. I’ll change that though, if I get more headaches…

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note- this only gives me challenge on days when it’s cloudy, or I have a bad night, but since its winter here, and cloudy days happen often, I don’t want to have too much blur to clear- or I will get a headache, so on nice days and good nights, I’ll just remind myself what clarity looks like :slight_smile:

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The other day I had a headache, I think was because I patched my lazy eye too long- I was just experimenting. I got a headache, but the next day my lazy eye was doing better, so maybe a headache isn’t always a bad thing for me. :slight_smile: I probably won’t patch that eye very long in the future though :slight_smile:

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This last week, I started with -1.75 and went up again in cm, and then fell a little bit, not sure if the falling was normal or if I was over doing it. The blur seemed to get worse too, despite it being sunny out. I was going on guesses on what my outdoor cm would be, as when I measure the lighting was different every time. I finally got a really bright light on my snellen inside so I can measure there with more consistent lighting and be able to track my cm in bright light. The last few days my vision together has been about 47/48cm and my eyes individually about 42-45cm in the brighter light. I decided to go back up to -2 and stay there, but then I read about letting your eyes catch up and wondered if I need to go back to 2.25 and wait for them to reach 44cm separately? I have a 3m snellen, which I’m using and I can read the 20/20 just fine in -2 and only slightly blurry. In my -2.25 glasses there is no challenge at all, that’s why I thought I should go with the -2. Plus I would be overcorrected when going outside. My darker light though shows my cm being down to -2.5, but I don’t notice the blur very much in the -2 around the house. Does that mean I’ve blur adapted? Hoping that’s not the case, I’ve started wearing my glasses more around the house.

That depends on the size of your house. Most people don’t have houses with many 6 metre distances in them. Many of your household activities would be within a range of less than 2 metres. So it is not surprising that you can manage well in the house with your -2 glasses. Blur tolerance does not happen that quickly and I would be more concerned about clarity addiction. The whole EM method depends on being able to tolerate a degree of blur at the beginning of each reduction, and then responding to this blur challenge. Stop to pay full attention to what you are seeing in your house from time to time, instead of being on default focus all the time.

I suggest you get yourself a 6 metre Snellen and test your vision on that. This is often more accurate than a 3 metre one, and as it is 20/20 at 6 metres that you are aiming for, this is a better benchmark.

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I’m glad I’m not blur adapted. :slight_smile:
I could have a clarity addiction. My husband can see 20/10 at night, and I’ve been wearing overprescribed contacts for 20+ years. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be able to see. Should I only be able to make out the letters on the 20/20 line or should they be clear? I’ve been going off cm, because I don’t know what else to go by. I keep reading about not reducing too quickly, and to let each eye catch up, while I’m waiting for that though I worry I’ll have no blur for improvement and be overprescribed because both my eyes can see much better together, and I read that I should wait until 20/20 in lower light, but by the time that happens, I’ll be .5 diopters overprescribed in daylight. so confused. :confused:

The last two days have been super sunny, My right and left eye at 52 cm. I want to drop to -1.75 this week. I haven’t had any double vision… is that something I should wait for?`