Krysten in America

Hi all!

I’m Krysten from USA and I’ve been a myope since I was 7ish. My mother and father had glasses, and so were very good parents at going to the eye doctor every year to get new glasses. I suspect that the reason I initially got my ciliary spasm was because I love to draw. I would spend all the time I could on drawing as a kid, so no real surprise now why my eyes started going bad so young. Plus, no one ever told me that I should ever take off my glasses for close up stuff. Nope, I was a kid, so I better have them on the whole time I’m awake or all they would get lost. And of course, the eye doctors all said my eyes would settle down by the time I stopped growing…

Also, a few years back the doc told me my eyes were too bad for lasik. That was disappointing, as I was looking forward to having it done for many years, I was just waiting to have the money.

So come time for my eye exam this spring, I was in sheer despair when I was told my eyes jumped to a higher number again, but this time, they wanted to make my left eye have a stronger number than the right (ACK!). I tried them for a few days, and they gave me headaches. I refused to wear them and went online, desperate for an answer, for anything that could at least stop them from getting worse. Funny thing is, I ran across Jake’s website a few times, but brushed it off as hokey =D. But Finally gave it a look.

It all made sense! Finally! Something I could try at least for awhile to see what could happen. So here I am, about 4 months in, and still on my first distance lenses since I’m working through some double vision, and my right eye, the non-dominant, took a looooong time to release. I really believe in this method, it’s sound science.

The script the doc gave me this last time was -8, cyl -2.5 L, -7.75, cyl -2.5

I’m currently working with -6.75, cyl -1 for both, since that’s what weeks of at-home eye tests told me =).

I am sooo thankful that I did not wear those glasses from the doc long since they had different corrections for each, and that I was told I couldn’t get surgery. I believe in God people.

I like to look at the trees up and down our street and backyard, or when I take my kids to the park. Seems to be doing the trick!

I’m in for a long journey, but it will be, and is, already worth it.


Well done, Krysten! Making it past the hoakeyness and all. :joy:

You’re totally on your way. Below 7 diopters, already closer to five than double digits, good start. I just posted a LASIK video too, where somebody was at -10, got LASIK, and meanwhile is back to -5 in glasses. Better doing it right the first time!