Lack of competition leads to high prices in Canada

Interesting numbers about the lack of competition when it comes to eyewear in Canada:

The chart about profit margins is especially impressive:
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Also true in the US

In Hungary the low price is lower, but even here you cannot really get a new frame cheaper than $40-50. I’ve just ordered 2 glasses from Zenni for $37 and that includes $10 shipping costs… And of course you can easily spend $500+ if you want some extra lens or frame.

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I can vouch that glasses in canada are expensive, and where I am, quebec a pair of frames at the opticien are about $150 for the cheapest, then adding lenses and cutting the lens and what not can go up to $250. And those are only for the basic, non fashionable frames. If you want name brand or popular glasses frames they can start at $300/350. Usually regular frames are also about $200. total cost of getting a pair is about $410-500 with lens. we also have a lot of tax on top of it. the glasses industry is a monoply.