Last Diopter openings?

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone knows when the Last Diopter course will have available spots again. Also, would you recommend that I take that one, even if I have to wait a long time OR go ahead and get BackTo20/20 (currently a few spots still available). I am currently at -1:00 D equalized, but as a newbie starting out with such low myopia I’m just not sure if DIY is getting me anywhere. At the same time I think BackTo20/20 might include too much that doesn’t apply to me (about differentials, astigmatism, equalizing etc.) and so wouldn’t be worth it. I don’t know… Any thoughts/ onions (EDIT: opinions… :roll_eyes::onion:) / questions are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


I only have onions :wink: but seriously, I really do admire your determination - if I was at -1 (with my current state of mind) I’d be like woohoo, job basically done! :smiley:


I obviously don’t know what’s in the low myopia course, but I’m in back to 2020 so I am familiar with it.

If I were in your shoes, I’d just keep looking for all the low myopia bits I could find then decide if you’re still needing help when the course launches.

I feel that I’m done with my right eye at -1 or so. My left eye is free to amble along at its own pace, as long as it’s in the right direction. Presbyopia :grimacing: - let sleeping dogs lie.


Also started out recently with -1/-1.25 and I’m just doing what the blog says, I’m in no rush basically so only time will tell. Maybe the course could get you there faster with a nuanced plus lens use but I wouldn’t do that without more information on side effects or how to use it correctly in detail.

@Ursa wow so technically I would’ve been “done” all along :sweat_smile: bit it definitely doesn’t feel like that


At -1, no need for BackTo20/20 course.

Last diopter course works well, just not currently fully motivated to support another program. Stay tuned!

(Meanwhile, plenty of distance / outdoor time, limiting phone distance, active focus practice, zero diopter reset, should be helpful over time.)


Depends on where you are coming from. I come from a 30 year long uncorrected state of -3,-1 and -6,-2. On my walk this morning, in full sun and after a shower last night that cleared all the dust from the air, I had the best visual treat I have had in the past 30 years. Full correction might have given me better clarity, but the distortion of glasses would have greatly reduced the overall quality.

4 Likes watch this may help u

how # Low Myopia Zero Diopter Reset would help with low myopia?

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I’ve considered plus lenses as well, but I agree it’s too risky without direct support from the Bearded One. Hence the hope for Last Diopter course… :grin:

Thanks, I’ll check it out. EDIT: Was actually very helpful, thanks! :smiley:

And thanks all for the replies :slight_smile:


@phil3741 have you seen this one? It might help answer your lingering (?) question about low myopia blur adaptation as well. And other than the info, it’s definitely a good motivator for us low myops. :wink:

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Duly noted.


how wouldn’t it help ?

The mysterium that is the last diopter course is actually live (and has been for a bit, I just … still am reticent about talking much about it).

… and lots more sessions with all kinds of ridiculous detail.

It’s obviously taking up way more support time, just like the main course that took years of tweaks to where it was mostly just running smoothly without too much one-on-one tweaking needed.

I’m literally spending time with every single participant to make sure it’s not some scenario that’s not included in the course, that I’m not missing something, and that we’re on the same page while going through it.

Whenever money is involved I get far less cocky and confident and bad-attitude-ey, since for myself I can’t accept anything less than excellent, when I spend money myself. In so many ways I’d rather do free stuff, tell people to f*ck off if they don’t like it, and just enjoy watching the experiments and progress reports and throw in a few nuggets of suggestions sometimes.

That vs. being on the proverbial spot, when I say “hey this works, buy it”. Never love that feeling.

But then, eyeballing more staff for more outreach and more professional tones and more of everything for endmyopia. If this works then it should be worth supporting and if it gets support it can in turn afford the resources it needs to grow.


Anyway. There is a low diopter course. :man_shrugging: :wink:


I also revisited the vision courses page yesterday because I am kind of not making any progress with the son. The child course is clubbed with the back to 20/20, for that I will be volunteering to fix my own occasional 0.25/0.5-ish myopia because it needs an adult to be the conduit.

Will still give it some time for now.

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Yes. Helping to troubleshoot challenges with the child really is much more feasible with first hand experience.

Also sometimes myopia not increasing is good progress. :wink: (all in due time, in case the child isn’t super cooperative)

Been meaning to pm you about this. I’ll be getting around to it here shortly :wink:

How exciting :+1:t2: :slight_smile:

At my last 0.5D diopter but still improving (or at least moving / changing)
So I’ll wait and see if I need the Last Diopter course, the Presbyopia one (if I mess the last Diopter up badly) or the Developers one inspired by the success of 20/20 :smiley:

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At 0.50 … doubt you’ll need any extra help! :smiley:

Just maybe a charitable podcast episode, if you feel inclined to flex your gains on the community.