Latest Podcasts With Endmyopia Interviews

I didn’t post the latest three podcasts we’ve been on individually, because you know who is lazy?

There is a vague notion of doing more collaborative things with podcasts. Talking about their favorite guests, most interesting things they learned being a podcast host, that sort of thing.

Though if the ‘Daily Beard’ or me posting ongoing improvement reports or ‘The Shortsighted Podcast’ are any indication, future outlook of this is … :man_shrugging:.

(At least the animation videos are still happening on a regular schedule, mostly because we have somebody besides me doing those.)


At first I thought you were going for a different look with the Animated Jake… which one’s Jake? Must be Dr D. Took me a minute.



Yay! More to listen to on my walks! (When I can walk again, that is).
Oooh, branching out, ey?
So great you are able to get out there on so many different podcasts and reach so many audiences. It is a lot of work to organise, I imagine.


Really enjoyed the first of these, looking forward to the follow-up. Maybe you won’t get to much of the list again and it will turn into a series :wink: :grin:

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