Laurens' final pair of 👓

So folks,

My wife bugged me about my cheap -1.0 glasses from the local drug store being too ugly. She didn’t want me wearing them to gatherings because they just look awful (in her not so humble opinion). This got me thinking…

Why not get a smashing final pair of glasses to start the final piece of my journey back to 20/20 with. They had to be different from the -1.0 of course in terms of diopters. I wanted the best index that’s available and the best coatings I could get. I’m not sure what the material is they used, it could be CR-39, I asked, but that didn’t ring a bell so it could be, we just might have a different name for it in Holland.

So behold, I’m now the proud owner of these great (-0.75) glasses:

Brand is “Police”, Led filtering coating is on there making it better to look at incoming headlights from other cars.

These bring me to 20/50 on Snellen and 20/40 with little effort. I’ll be using these as normalized from now on and eventually for night vision for the foreseeable future until night vision is done too. Nicely made to spec for my eyes, they weren’t cheap, but since it’s the final pair I’m getting it’s okay to indulge oneself a bit more. I supported my long time optician with this purchase, they deserve it because they went along with my endmyopia request without giving me a hard time at all. Glasses 1 year and 2 months ago: -3.75, present day -0.75 (but yeah, about 0.5 difference still because this is normalized and not full correction of course).

Once these give me solid clarity the last bit is up to my own eyes. I should be getting 20/40 at that point so there will probably be no need for -0.5 or lower.

Thanks to the great supportive optometrist Bart (contactlensspecialist, Hans Anders, Lisse, NL)!


You know … I think I owned those exact frames before. Same color and all. :joy:

Congrats! May they soon rest in peace.


Ahrg @Laurens - I’m glad your happy, but what does your wife say?!?? If she hates them, you’re still fu$@3?ed :joy:


Don’t worry, she really likes 'em. It was kind of a gamble, but in general I can work out what she and I both like in terms of style :sunglasses:

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Very cool. And you guys are lucky they let you just buy the good quality glasses in their stores, without an optometrist writing a prescription. I, of course, as you know figured out my own way around that in the future, but I should come to your country to buy glasses before that happens! If I ever need to wear anything under -0.75, I’m definitely only buying the best, because the cheap ones have too many aberrations.

Once these give you good 20/20, you’re on the brink of the emmetropic range, anyway (-0.50 to +0.50 being considered emmetropic).

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So awesome! I’m sure they look great on you (at least your wife thinks so! :laughing:)

If I may ask, would you be wearing the glasses all the time, or doing something more like intermittent wearing?

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Nice work. Race you to 20/20!


Good-looking selection @Laurens! :wink::ok_hand:The costly extras reminds me when I’d overestimate my medical expenses to get the tax deduction in my health savings account. By year end I’d have to order 3 pairs from LensCrafters asking them if there’s anything they can add to make them more expensive, otherwise lose any savings not spent… thankfully I don’t do this anymore .

Congratulations on your progress…all this time I never realized how far you’ve come :grin:

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I’ll be using them as normalized for outdoors and indoors, but of course not for anything up close. If the sun is out and I’m feeling good I can choose to go without at all. Which is what I was doing already on occasion anyway. However, this will give me more stimulus being indoors as oppose to not wearing anything at all. So yeah, it’s going to be intermittent glasses from here on out until these clear up.

Oh boy, the thing is, I actually want you to win :trophy:. But I know you and I see “eye to eye” on this. It’s just a fun area to be in and it really doesn’t matter, as long as we get there. A nice year to enjoy that last hurdle lies in front of us.

This is such a good example of rules and regulations stimulating over consumption. It’s nice that you don’t need it anymore. Tax deductible is nice, but not spending it at all is even better :smiley:.


Thanks. If I hit it by April of 20/20, that will be great. I’m hoping that 5 or so months of long daylight will get me comfortable being mostly glasses free.

Have fun!