Lay adult's active focus activity/game

Yesterday, we were in the situation of our car being parked some distance away and we were with a Policeman working on giving us a ticket. He need to read the license plate, and got very excited saying “I’ll read it, I’ll read it” – he could not read it easily but was excited by the challenge of attempting to read the license. He entered the information into his machine – he was sure of the first two letters but not of the last three – and was concerned that he might have misread the plate. He shouted to an assistant who was near to car to yell out the license number, but the assistant didn’t hear him. I took a photo and showed him the zoomed view – he had read the plate correctly!

He did not wear glasses.

My guess is that he and his colleagues play a game of what is the farthest plate you can read! This is similar to the What Can You See game @jakey has written about in his paid program.