Leah Improving Eyesight: -8 D Down To -5 D | Shortsighted Podcast

This episode with Leah, who has managed to significantly improve her eyesight in the past year and a half. Three diopters of less myopia, headed out of high myopia territory, this is her progress update.

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Must be hard to stay motivated at -8. If you go from -4 to -1, the difference is night and day. -8 to -5 is brilliant, but practically I’d say there are few real world benefits. Still have to chip away at the rock :slight_smile:

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Does make a big difference. High diopter glasses are terrible as far as distortion. The image you see through them is TINY. Contact lenses a lot better, but nothing like getting back to a -5.

And motivation, yea … important to not look at how far 20/20 is from there, but rather the benefit of each diopter reduction. :smiley:


Woah! I wasn’t aware of this. So by that logic, any reduction is improving the quality of your vision. I did feel like I can see even better on lower prescriptions than I could on higher ones previously.

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Yup. Take any pair of glasses and move them away a little bit from your face. Observe how the image is affected. Obviously it gets smaller and the effects are exaggerated but you also find lines not staying quite straight, colors not looking quite right - and the higher the diopter the more noticeable this becomes, and over a larger surface of the lens. The optical center, from a good usable perspective, also gets smaller.

One could get quite nerdy with this, using the images used for camera lens quality reviews, and taking pictures of those images through various diopter lenses. You’ll find that glasses generally really are quite a compromise for the focal plane change they offer.

Examples, scroll down for the image: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-sightedness

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 18.17.53


Just saw this video:

I can’t say I notice the chromatic aberration in my own vision, but something must be different, something I can’t quite put my finger on, to explain why I feel my vision is better now than it was when I was wearing -5 lenses. Looking at how lines and colours change didn’t show the most difference for me, probably because my vision gets blurry too quickly when I move glasses away from my face. This general feeling of my vision being better should continue with time though :nerd_face:

I’d say that -3 to -2 is a huge difference in how the world looks even while wearing glasses. The color of the world as said by many people is much better! Cant imagine the higher range but then again I thought I was blind as a bat until I found out there were people at -5 and up!