Learning about astigmatism

I am in the beginning of my Endmyopia journey and thought I did not need differantal glasses since I am -1.75 now and can read without glasses without any trouble. But I found that I can not work comfortably at the computer. So I orderd new differantals with astigmatism correction cylinder -1 but sphere 0. And the difference is so huge with those glasses and without. When I messure cm it is a difference of something like 7 cm or so. Something like 49 cm without and 56 with glasses on both eyes. Heard or read Jake something like astigmatism is showing up more at distans and less close up and thought that it is not the case for me. Then I realised that Jake is right as it is at the far end (at my the blur horrizon) I get trouble and the glasses with cyl correction clears that up. Interesting! My astigmatism is in the cornea so I guess it will be quite difficult to get rid off. I am just happy I understand how it works. :smile: