LED bulbs full spectrum light

I just learned about a new product that is an LED light bulb that uses only 9W the equivalent of a 60W bulb. It can be found at Avatarproducts.com The claim is that the bulbs are healthy for us giving more natural light and using less dirty electricity. So if any of you have explored the dirty energy topic that in itself is a great alternative to the current bulbs we are forced to buy in the US. Only draw back is the price for 1 bulb is too high for me to replace every light in the house. This isnt a main stream company so shipping costs are high. I am going to give it a shot though and replace the lights most commonly used.

I tried getting these lights after learning about them. But unfortunately couldn’t find them! Not available in my country. Since you have mentioned this site, I think I might order. Aand it’s costly for me too​:joy: I think I’ll just get one of them and will use it in my study lamp! I spend most of the time under that bad light.:sweat_smile:

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