🧐 LeMeow = The Endmyopia Forum

Simplifying the forum name to just, endmyopia forum. :grimacing:

As a bit of background, LeMeow as the forum name started out as a morning doodle forum setup, caffeine fueled placeholder, random inside joke. From Supertroopers meow (https://endmyopia.org/faq-items/the-meaning-of-meow/). Nothing to actually do with cats, though also and separately calling fellow endmyopians kittehz added to the willful confusion.

These days, more and more people actually come for vision improvement. Also we’ve been working on getting on more podcasts that people actually listen to (https://endmyopia.org/jake-on-podcasts/) … so a tiny bit of cleaning up the first impressions.

Just a tiny bit.

Anywho. Note that very minor changes to forum logos and icons and dropping some of the LeMeow name references may (or may not) be forthcoming.

Props to @NottNott for been persistent and insistent and staying on top of things that need improving.


My whole life is a lie. :crying_cat_face:

I was so confused logging up, but I think I’ll get used to it quickly enough. Hopefully this will be more welcoming to newcomers interested in eyeball improvements :smile:


@NottNott Well done, Andrew. I am happy to be spared the daily exposure to the street art.

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We look so professional now

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I like it too, though I just changed my profile picture to a picture of my kitteh yesterday to be more anonymous whilst keeping with the theme. :smile: Now I’ll have to find one that makes more sense.


Go for one of your favourite roses. :wink:

But I do believe cats are still welcome

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Done, makes sense really! :rose:

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:rofl: I know right! It is gonna take me an age to stop calling it LeMeow though… Not to mention my resistance to change was seriously not expecting a name change. I had prepared myself to adjust to a banner change, but the name change threw me for a loop. I will adjust too though :slight_smile:


Why Jakey! whhhhhhhy?


To me it feels like my favorite hole-in-the-wall dive bar just became a chain of family friendly restaurants.
I completely understand it but it feels like the end of an era.


I really love it, but then again the more boring something is the more I usually like it and I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. :rofl:

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I didn’t ask or bring it up or do a vote on purpose. :joy:

Don’t worry. The plot line is just a thin veneer of the vaguest semblance of respectability. Just to make it past podcast gatekeepers, and first time visitors not being immediately thrown into a deep spiral of self doubt and existential confusion.

All of those things will still come, just now a tiny bit later, after a seemingly normal forum presentation. :grimacing:


Wow, so shiny! Love it!!


Jist what I was thinking.




That should have become clear somewhere around “what, Santa isn’t real?!”.

On the also-good-news front, the wholey beard schedule is showing an upcoming interview on a fancy podcast. Banner name in the health and keto and podcast world. The big time, darlings! (well sort of anyway) Which of course means, more street cred, more name dropping with other podcasts, more of all teh thingz.

Maybe soon we can afford to get the LeMeow name back from the pawn shop, call the forum whatever we want again. :grimacing:

:date: :apple:


I will miss saying lemeow but the bigger question I have is do we have a link for people to get to the forum?

Links are for newbs.

(also more boringly speaking, the link is the same as before, it’s in the ‘resources’ tab on the site and maybe also at the bottom of the articles and various other places like the 7 day e-mail guide and announcements in the FB group and such)


@jakey or other vice janitors, not sure if it’s been missed but the “Welcome to LeMeow” thread still needs renaming. :nerd_face:

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Thanks I had looked in the past when the endmyopia page was in overhaul but was unsure where it all went. Just checked it out now and it looks simple and easy. Forwarded to a -3 myope young man. Hopefully he joins.

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