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Off Topic.

Just recorded a great episode with the guys from the Ancestral Mind podcast.

Used the full setup, including the serious camera, and all the requisite mess of cables and wires and dongles and tripods and wifi tethering and hardware bits and bits-icles. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDiDQzSnPb0/

Very much less convenient to set up, and even more, less convenient to travel with. Definitely over the carry on limit!

Compared to the other setup, just iPhone and a microphone (that doesn’t even require a battery). https://www.instagram.com/p/CCNRCsUHLzl/

Worth it?

I can’t tell, to be honest. Seems audio matters more than video, and video gets chopped up by compression anyhow. So … to take all the gear on the next island trip, or leave it? :thinking:


From our limited experience with being the church videographers since the COVID shutdowns began… (Church: Hey nerdy people, can you do this? Us: Probably, give us a couple days to figure it out.) Video is easy, phones are just fine for near shots or large scene shots. Phone is more limited for software, but if you just want to record what the camera sees, not a big deal. Some of the video conferencing software has built in recording mechanisms, so that simplifies that too.

Portable sound is harder. If it’s just one person talking and you don’t mind the visual effect, a headset is the most portable option. For ambient sound, we use http://www.saramonic.com/product/smartmixer-2/ the pro is that it picks up everything clearly, the con is that it picks up EVERYTHING clearly. Like the pastor came in a fancy suit for a special occasion, and you can hear the suit brushing against itself. Thankfully we were able to switch to a rig that picked up the house sound board before we had much of an audience. That particular mixer is discontinued, I still see it for sale around, and there’s of course newer versions available. We did have much better results from a box with a battery and an amp than just a mic plugged directly into the phone. The display that shows your levels is very handy for adjusting the gain to the right place.

Our current rig is not something we’d want to travel with. We have a laptop bag, a tackle box full of spare bubblegum and duct tape, and a heavy duty tripod. We dumped the simple cell phone rig in favor of production value, we now have a livestream prelude with announcement slides while the live service is doing other things, speaker name banners, picture-in-scripture view, insertion of pre-recorded materials…

Our most recent upgrade is a coax cable and network cable run across the gym, with a little door installed in the wall to coil up our lines, so portability is pretty low on our list.


That sounds like a serious learning curve. :anguished:

Leave it all, says I. Who needs it anyway. (Not the iPhone. Take the iPhone) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No, I need mine when I am in India, tethered to my laptop. But I won’t be going there again any time soon, it seems.

Thankfully learning new stuff is kind of our hobby, so we just changed topics for a bit. But yeah, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about cameras and production… Now I have an inkling of how much I don’t know…

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