Less light in 1 eye

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced less light in 1 eye versus the other. My left eye is the weaker eye and when I close the right I have noticed that eye takes in less light. I also notice that when I open the right eye again it causes my left eye to feel overwhelmed. So I generally need to slowly let the light in. This isnt much of a problem if I quickly close and reopen that right just if i leave it closed, or even just covered, for a bit.
I also experience sensitivity to the sun at times and it seems to be just the left, weaker eye, that is strained. I thought this may resolve after reducing my dioptors but so far .75 lower in the left and the problem is still there.
I have thought that this may be the reason my left eye is lagging behind and possibly where all the myopia began. I have worn contacts since I was a teen and as far as I remember I didn’t have any change to the “prescription” in my left. Only the right depending on the Optometrist.
So if anyone has insight on this topic or noticed it in themselves I would love to hear about it. As of now I dont know that is hindering me too much but maybe there is something I can do to help it. Also I understand the eye dominance but the strange thing is my left eye is my dominant eye. If anyone is familiar with finding eye dominance to shoot a weapon, that is how I mean it. Yet my right eye appears to be the dominant eye as far as the endmyopia dominant eye goes. Perhaps I am a little bit strange is all. Ha ha

If what you mean in the first paragraph is that in dim or almost no light, the view seems darker through one eye, yes, I’ve noticed that for years. But it seems to have gotten slightly better as the eyes have started equalizing. I think it’s due to having more myopia in one eye.

The dimmer eye is my right, which is more nearsighted, and is my dominant eye.

I think it’s common to be more nearsighted in the dominant eye. I’ve heard explanations that range from people favoring it and thus making it tire faster, to holding reading material closer to that eye, etc. as possible reasons.


I have the same thing. Not in my dominant eye but still, if I close my right eye, everything is less bright. It was much worse when I started EM. Now I notice that some day it receives the light much better.
Not sure that it is a matter of dominance anyway, eyes are never really working equally, even with 20/20 :wink:

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