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I’ve been reading Jake’s paid program for 10 months (sporadically) and realized I need to get involved in the forum. I know, he reminds me all the time to post here. I’ve rebelled!

I live in California, USA, with my family. My son is 16 and doesn’t wear glasses yet in spite of hours in front of the computer. My daughter is 18, going off to college soon, and has been wearing -1.00 for a while. She’s starting to understand my work with EndMyopia and often doesn’t wear her glasses when on the computer or outside skating, etc. My husband might get involved with Jake’s work in the future to reverse his myopia.

I started at
OD (right) - SPH -2.25 ; CYL -0.75 ; AXIS 142
OS (left) SPH -2.50 ; CYL -1.25 ; AXIS 60

In 5/2021 I went down to -2.25 for both sides (later reading that I maybe shouldn’t have done that), then in 7/2021 lowered to -2.00 and -2.00 and just ordered -1.75 and -1.75 (same CYL and AXIS).

I regularly use 3 different pairs of glasses - long distance when walking or driving (the -2.00 and soon the -1.75), hanging out around the house or gardening or eating dinner with family (-1.25), and sitting at the computer (-.75 - and I just ordered -.50). If I read a book or look at my phone, I take glasses off.

I’d love feedback on any of that.

I’ll just be honest… the fact that I don’t read the forum and I’ve sporadically completed pages on the paid section (and maybe my personality) has me not knowing the terminology. I use “computer glasses” rather than differential correction, for example. When I do read the forum, I don’t know half of the terminology off the top of my head - I have to look it up often. But I get by.

I love my daily walks with the dog using active focus and observing changes. I also love looking into the distance from my windows when indoors, watching trees move and birds/butterflies fly around. I’m starting a new job soon, and I’ll be sitting at a desk that has a huge window overlooking a distance view. Score!

Any thoughts on my prescription progression above would be lovely.

Thanks for all the work you all do to keep this forum so active!


I am interested in how your further reductions go. You are in low myopia territory with astigmatism still. I have heard Jake say something along the lines that cylinder should be reduced before you get too low, maybe -1.50 shpere.

If you are in the Back to 20/20 program, you can get advice on that. There is a place to ask about that for the paid group too, but I would love to hear what people have to say.

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I was tempted to get another mid-distance pair of glasses (I have normalized and differentials) until I saw Jake’s video recommending that you don’t do that. I now take the normalized off when looking at something close enough for me to feel some strain.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your response, and I’ll definitely look into the reduction of astigmatism. I was hoping to coast a while without having to address it. LOL

Ah! I’ll look up that video. Thank you so much. I had a feeling that was not recommended. I should have listened to that voice. :slight_smile:

Congratulations. You sound to me like someone on her way to 20/20 vision!

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