Low myopia lens quality issues?

I’ve noticed that the inexpensive glasses I buy have some distortions that are worse than on higher quality/more expensive lenses. I think it has to do with the accuracy of milling the lenses to fit the frames, because the actual lens blanks all come from the same sources. The edge grinding perhaps is not as accurate to save cost…to the point that I couldn’t tolerate plano lenses from Zenni. They had all sorts of distortions.

Anyone noticed this issue with low power minus lenses? Could be a confounding issue for those at the low myopia point, preventing progress. This might be part of the reason some people have had bad luck with lenses under 1D.

Anyone gotten high quality lenses without the edge distortions? Or tried complaining to the manufacturer?

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I believe edge distortion is in all lenses. The center of the lenses is the clearest, as that is how it’s meant to be used; looking through the center. The lower diopter lenses are smaller so it’s possible distortion may be the case depending on the PD or can also be because you’re reducing to fast.

Sorry. I didn’t write out the post correctly. I edited it.

I would imagine that online retailer pay better attention the more the frame cost to avoid having you call them about the issue and have you buy the higher costing brand more often.

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