Low Myopia Program Videos (Pro)

Hard at work on the low myopia program for BackTo20/20.

Yes it’ll be free for existing members (yes, yes, somebody is just an old hippie) and yes it’ll probably still take me half a decade to finish it.

Good news though, a core concept (often discussed outside of the program too, just maybe not in one giant video) is finally loaded. Not to keep the freeloaders (oh you know I’m just joking) out of the loop, basically it’s zero diopter reset, but on a long term scale. Zero diopter reset, recurrently. Magic sause for getting past the last diopter.

If you’re in BackTo20/20, you’ll see the video added in the pinned support forum topic, “New Videos” (while the full course flow is still a work in progress).

(and if you’re not but want to be, drop me an e-mail anytime)


Interesting timing. I recently concluded after experimentation that having correction for a certain period and no correction for a certain period makes the most sense for low myopia. I do plan on buying the program one day even if I get back to 20/20 before then, so I wonder how close my experiments will come to the Guru’s Super Vision Magic!


Yup. That’s pretty much the trick for the last diopter (for a lot of people anyway).

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