Lowering my Astigmatism!

Hello all

This is my first post !

I just want to share my experience …. and to clarify I am not asking for diopter advice :slight_smile: I love this group too much to screw it up!!!

I started wearing differentials back in August 2017. When I first got them they did what they were supposed to- help with close up work.

After wearing them all day at work (too lazy to take them off while away from computer) I noticed after a while, that I could see pretty well in them farther away.

(Now I understand why - thank you Jake and Endmyopia !!)

So when I ordered my new distance glasses a few months ago- I found them wayyyy to strong!

I decided to see my eye doctor on Monday to get a re-check so I could find a new starting point.

She was actually quite helpful- I was not expecting that!

She let me play around with the SPH and CYL to see what was more comfortable for me, explaining about dropping CYL and adding it to SPH (which I knew LOL)

My RX for distance is same in both eyes SPH -2.25 CYL -1.75

I left her with this new one : RX of SPH -2.00 CYL -1.25

Now at one point she actually had me at SPH -2.50 and CYL - .75 , I think this freaked her out , so she said let’s try some more scenarios , and this is how I ended up with what I got…

She also said that since I could not tell the difference between -2.25 and -2.00 that she would give me the -2.00

I left feeling quite happy having lowered my CYL , which is what I wanted, as my measurements show me being on average -.50 to - .75 ( took me weeks to figure out , I found it frustrating at first, still working on it )

However I kinda wished that I had her keep me at the -2.50/-.75 combo, but at this point it was getting confusing and I was just happy that she was some what open minded!

So knowing my CYL is probably still too high, I think I will try the RX she gave me first, knowing that in a few months I can order on Zenni. … as I don’t think I should lower a whole diopter on my CYL all at one go…or maybe I should…. but as they say - going the DIY is all trial and error right??? I’m going to decide by tomorrow…even though my gut tells me to go with -2.50/-.75 I’m nervous that I won’t like it . Thank goodness Zenni is nice and cheap…

Oh, on a happy side note - she also let me reorder my daughters lenses without the CYL as it is low… ( my daughter’s eyes were actually pulling when she wears her glasses, but not with her contacts which have no CYL in them ) The eye doctor actually said that when some people start wearing CYL it messes with their vision and and the brain needs time to get used to it!!! I had to bite my tongue at that one. Like seriously, is that not a huge clue to these people !!! If it messes with you like that then ……Whyyyyyyyyyyyy ???


Always be conservative. Small changes. Don’t want to freak your brain out too much! I think you guys did well. I think she was worried the other power was too large a jump all at once. Yours is a much smaller jump. She agreed with you. That’s great!

If you order from Zenni, keep this in mind. The less changes from your current power, the better, each step of the way. Don’t do what I did and change too much! It did not work!

What she did with you is the way to do it. Experiment a bit and get what you think is the best power in the office. Then order cheap glasses and try it out. If it’s no good, try again with a very tiny change in the direction that makes you more comfortable. This is really the best way, utilizing the eye doctor and their tools to figure out your ideal correction.

Great job!!


Yes, You are right, I know small changes are better, I just got so excited to be lowering the Cylinder , and figuring it all out can be a challenge :thinking:
I’m ordering them today with the RX she gave me.
Thank you for the encouragement!
I’ll let you know how it goes. :grinning:
My next step will be new diffs, as now they are too strong - ( especially with the old cylinder )


I recieved my new glasses ! The good news is that my eyes are liking the new CYL strength, it is actually much more comfortable, less of a strain/pulling feel.
The bad news is that they are not giving me any blur for distance, I can read the Snellen chart at 20 feet


In this case you might want to order weaker ones so that you can see somewhere between 20/50 and 20/30 indoors with typical indoor lighting.

Before ordering weaker glasses, make sure to use a Snellen chart that has a few lines below the 20/20 line so you can get an idea by what amount to reduce the prescription. For example, if you can see 20/10 crystal clear, then the glasses are way too overcorrecting you so you can drop more diopters to achieve that 20/50-20/30 bracket.

And you can leave these glasses that give you 20/20 for instances when you need very sharp distance vision like driving at night or flying a plane. :wink:


That’s ok. You can use them for at least a month or so. They won’t hurt you in the short term. That will also give you time to order a new pair with 0.25 less, per Jake’s method. After that, these can be your night driving pair.

If it were me, I’d attack the spherical the next time (per Jake) and then use that pair for at least 2 months, if not 3. You might decide to attack the cylindrical, though, since it’s still a bit high vs. the spherical. Whatever makes you more comfortable…personal preference.

As far as the diffs, are you planning to use the same cyl power?


Thanks, :grinning:

I will have to order weaker ones for sure , I think I am going to wait a month because I do have a cylinder change so want to let my eyes/brain adapt.:thinking:

And I am going to keep the same cylinder in my new diffs- this time around anyway.

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I agree, I may lower both again, I remember someone posted that they did the same, it was in a video I think. Not common to do this way, however I feel that I am still over corrected with the cylinder.

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Yup, if you do, I’d give each pair at least 2 months if I could before and after…unless you are still uncomfortably over corrected. Because changing 0.25 spherical and 0.25 cylindrical at the same time is technically like a 0.37 change, but it usually takes longer to adapt to cylinder changes fully…possibly months. So you could run out of reserve eventually if you go too fast…and then having to increase the sphere again slightly.


This is why I would love to have a test lens kit!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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only 20/40 required for both/either :crazy_face:

Seriously…look it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

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