Lowest Normalized to Order?


I am currently wearing -1.25 (down from original opto script of -2.25 since may of this year) and seeing 20/20 in reasonable lighting. With the news of some people being requested prescriptions when ordering from online retailers recently, I want to go ahead and order all the glasses I will need to get down to 20/20 natural.

What is the lowest I should order? I was thinking -.5?

Thank you!

If you do not have astigmatism, Iā€™d say -0.5D is the lowest you may need.
Some people stop at -0.75D or -1.0D and alternate those with zero corrections.
Personally I needed the -0.5D step, too.

I stopped at -0.75, and I only use these for measuring, as my lifestyle does not require 20/20 acuity. But as online glasses are so cheap in the range below 1D, you could go down to -0.5 without risking a great financial loss. :smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I ordered down to -.50.

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