🎙 Luke Storey Had Us On! 🤩 The Endmyopia Podcast Episode

The latest endmyopia guest appearance is live!

This time on Luke Storey’s Lifestylist podcast, which if you’re into podcasts … you may have heard of. :grimacing:


Here it is: https://www.lukestorey.com/lifestylistpodcast/your-eyes-arent-broken-you-can-fix-them-ending-myopia-naturally-w/-jake-steiner-314

As always what really helps is you supporting podcasts with likes and comments, reviews, and sharing. Goes a long way for more endmyopia guest appearances on great shows, too!


This was really good, probably the best podcast so far. The part on Lasik was great and informative.


Thanks el senor Andrew! Luke is also part of a little experimental Zoom chat intro series I’m trying out, for people who just don’t have the attention span to get on track either with the free contents or courses. Him and a couple of other big fancy podcast hosts. Get us in better graces with the health and whatnot platforms, less just antisocial meow and beard jokes and obscure rants. :grimacing:

It’s the new Jake, sucking up and playing nice with humans and getting up early and ALL TEH THINGZ.

(it shall last … days? weeks?)


You were very calm and measured in your response to blue blocking glasses. hahahahahha.

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Is there any paywall in this podcast? A few days ago I’ve checked another podcast, and only at the end it was announced that half of it is available only for patreon members… it was pretty annoying, don’t want to make the same mistake again :slight_smile:

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I listened to a full two hours.


My first though after hitting play “how ironic for this to be sponsored by blublockz” :joy:


That was Greg - he did say I can share the premium episode with everyone here. If you still want it I can see if I can find that link again.

He’s the only podcast I ever did with that monetizing feature.

Luckily. He never mentioned that those guys are his sponsors, I didn’t see it till the episode was released.


Yeah, I would totally like to listen to that :slight_smile: I liked the podcast otherwise, it was just disappointing in the end.

Which is funny, because it was the first Endmyopia podcast I’ve ever listened to :rofl: I have insinct for these things…


Does this work? https://media.blubrry.com/thehighersidechats/p/media.blubrry.com/thehighersidechatsplus/p/content.blubrry.com/thehighersidechatsplus/THC_Jake_Steiner_Plus_2020.mp3


Yes, thank you :+1:

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So I’ve listened to it today, and it was totally awesome :slight_smile: Maybe I even start listening to podcasts more :thinking:
Anyhow, thanks for putting your time and energy doing these :slight_smile: I mean not just getting into all of these people’s podcast, but also actually having an intelligent conversation for 2+ hours (I presume it also involves some “pre-discussion” and/or preparation) can be really taxing on mental energy. And this definitely gets the word out there, especially because as I see these podcast hosts tend to mention their other podcasts to other guests (I presume partly to get their audience check more of their podcasts, but hey, result is result :smiley: ), which also can have a multiplicative effect. So yeah, thanks for doing these!


Thanks David! And yea it takes me quite a bit of overcoming not wanting to do podcasts every time. :joy:

When we actually talk though it’s great - especially if the host is into it.

And we do get connected to a fair amount of other people. It usually takes months to get on a schedule though and a couple more months for episodes to be released so it’s a longer cycle. I’m spending time behind the scenes making connections and keeping in touch so hopefully we’ll continue to get more on these. Especially the bigger ones are otherwise almost impossible to get on.

Will keep trying, thanks for the words of encouragement!


Finally got around to listening to this, and it was brilliant! Always a pleasure to hear you on podcasts. I especially loved the point about being aware of the things that we know or suspect are harmful for us, but not anxious. I find that’s really helpful to get a healthy relationship with just about anything at all; food, close-up, exercise, all of it.
When I wasn’t aware of how phone use affected my eyes, I used to stay up all night reading a novel on my phone, a few inches away from my distance glasses (yes I cringed too). I had a visceral reaction to learning about what was causing myopia and shifted to the close-up/glasses-phobia paradigm for a bit. Ultimately though, it’s important to trust your body to be able to handle some amount of discomfort while also using your awareness to make better choices a part of your everyday life. Body was handling much worse in the “ignorance is bliss” phase after all!
I ended up compromising with myself and getting a big tablet to replace my phone so, yay. :smile:


Also kind of neat, having a few rounds of Zoom chats with Luke, Wade (the Bioptimizer site’s podcast) and Brad Kearns - to help them all get started with the eyeballs. Since all three of them happen to be really wanting to do this but a bit too distracted for our DIY style (I know I know, it’s one of the glaring flaws of endmyopia today). Same time zone for them, they’re all into podcasts, all high energy, all want to work on their eyes. Seemed like the sort of thing that pretty much requires some group chats! :grimacing:

A bit of a test whether that’s effective for small groups starting out, whether I can fit that kind of thing into my schedule, and general exploration. Possibly worth recording a few of them to use as another intro option for newbies?

I’m mostly hoping for the app development to ultimately solve some of the “starting out” challenge. But can’t really put all chips on that alone.

Plus more ways to make better friends and get involved in more shows and audiences down the road.


That sounds awesome :slight_smile:

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Super good podcast, Jake.

Is it the lighting or did you forget to shave the left side of your face?

I’ve done that before, so maybe just projecting… :rofl:

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I’m gonna say … light. :slight_smile:

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