Make gain reports (partly) public?


So lots of us are writing updates here.
And I’m wondering: would it be possible to make some of that publicly available?
Imagining it like this:
When I’m writing my update, I can choose to activate ‘public’. This feature would be only available in gains updates. If I do so, it can be seen publicly. Only the posts marked as public will be publicly available, not the replies, or details I like to add for the community only in another post in the same topic. For public posts, I can also change my profile picture and maybe name, I do that once and it applies for all of my public posts.
There could be a link on the blog to these updates. The public will see all public posts in a topic, say in my update journal, chronologically and can follow my progress, see dates.
( this is where I need your help - possible? Too expensive? Bad idea anyways?)
People would be able to follow reports in the original words of the users. There be different voices, people having trouble.

It’s just, some people like to write and share, but wouldn’t do a whole blog just on this (I’m people, here…).

So if this. Feature was integrated in Len meow, i can imagine it would be used.
It’s still self referencing - but there be different voices, aceptical, analytical, mystical - it wouldn’t be presented in the jake-voice only.
Don’t get me wrong, personally, I totally love the jake voice - written or not :wink:

Njoy your day😻


I would rather keep the whole forum not public. I think it would be repulsive if a new user come here, see only the gain updates. Then it not even clear that there are more just they cannot see it, so may think “oh ok, it’s just posting gains, whatever”.

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That’s not how I imagine it.
It would be a part of, a section to show progress reports by users.


Oh I understand know. That sounds good, I would gladly post my gains there too.