Make people find endmyopia without explicitly suggesting endmyopia

So I write a lot to reddit and other forums and many times encounter situations where endmyopia would help people. But I know that (especially on reddit) if I just start to preach about going back to 20/20 and you can improve eyesight and about optometrist industry I just get downvoted to hell. So I thought a good idea would be to write some expressions and words to which hopefully at least some people start googling and finds endmyopia. I did a really short google session and for example found that “overprescribed” does not lead to endmyopia (on the first page), but “overprescribed glasses” (or lenses) gives endmyopia as the top result. So writing “overprescribed glasses” in the comment somewhere may lead people google the whole phrase and then they have as a top search result.

I thought “good close-up habits” or “good screen habits” would lead to enymopia, but neither gives result on the first page. (maybe @jakey some SEO optimalization would be good here? I could not find any phrase about eye habits which would gives endmyopia as a result. And I think it’s a huge missed oportunity).

Does anybody have other ideas? Either phrases or whole sentenses. The goal would be to lead people to endmyopia (mostly through google results) without explicitly mention endmyopia or endmyopia specific terms (like differential or normalized glasses).


As you’ve seen on reddit, a lot of people are afraid/don’t care about things that are the opposite of the status quo. That’s why a lot of people are fine with wearing glasses and increasing their prescription over time. They would rather mask the symptoms instead of trying to improve because “the doctor said this is how it’s going to be”. It takes an intervention to find a site like endmyopia!


Endmyopia is a belief that needs to come from the heart. Those of us who have always knew and had a hunch that there was a way to reverse myopia made it here. And those who don’t might not ever.

My friends and family believe in the mainstream idea that, ‘its genetics’ and you’re stuck with it. That the only way to fix it is through lasik and won’t ever think to look up some ways to do so. Im baffled they are perfectly okay with a piece of crutch to help them see.

But anyway, one night on a google frenzy, I searched up “how to improve eyesight” even though, it doesn’t show up on the first page, hopefully for those who make it to the second page can find it.
Also when I was looking for a snellen chart, I searched up “download snellen chart” Jake’s creative fun ones popped up on the 1st page


@halmadavid Yes I’ve talked about this before. I really like reddit a lot (except the /btc and related crypto topics) and it bums me out that this otherwise pretty rational resource is so against biology and scientific understanding of our current century (vs. the previous ones, ie ice pick lobotomies and glasses and whatnot).

Your idea is great. It also coincides with a pile of tabs that have been open in my browser for the past two months, waiting for me to pick out some writers / SEO guys to start attacking keywords. I don’t write posts for keywords but I did have a few subscriptions to the pricey SEO tool things for a while to look at what keyword phrases perform well that may be relevant. For sure a LOT can and needs to be done on this front.

That me / endmyopia has to somehow pay for of course (as usually and why we need the paid program, building endmyopia is a neverending pile of bills to pay). Sadly there’s no way I can find the time to write all that myself, research, track rankings, etc. It’s easily somebody’s full time job, research, writing, tracking, backlinks, mobile search, etc etc. Your note here is a good reminder that this needs to be put on the current happenings list.

Also oddly sometimes I found that my terrible brand of sarcasm works. Not suggesting this, just a side note. Like above, “for people not believing in biology and science” pre-empts all kinds of comments they’d make otherwise and starts them off thinking in more apropos directions. “It’s like the people who you can’t talk out of the earth not being flat, they also imagine that a sudden and worldwide genetic mutation in the past 50 years is causing myopia. Can you imagine, the level of ignorant non-thinking going on there? Yea, me either.” :wink:

Myopia as genetic condition, the favorite argument of the flat earther who failed biology in fifth grade.

Don’t do that, of course. Your idea of not bringing up endmyopia but rather laying little traps via keywords is genius, and non-confrontational.


Thanks :slight_smile: It looks like the long-long hours fasted on different kind of forums have some benefit :smiley:

Yes, that definitely works, just not my style (at least not in this regard, I love being sarcastic in general :slight_smile: ).

What I found is that there are mostly three kinds of people: one is following the mainstream and no matter what you do and say and show they will follow it. The best you can get from them is that they acknowledge what you say, but will stay say it’s safer to follow the mainstream. There is no reason to convince them and most of the time to hide their sheep-like behavior they will bash you into the ground (and because it’s the most populous group they will be able to do it, especially in media like reddit where upvotes and downvotes influence visibility). So because of them you cannot really mention explicitly endmyopia, because they can smell nonmainstream things from mile and they just go “oooh I don’t know what it is but does not smell mainstream so let’s smash it into the ground” :smiley: And come in packs. They are not the majority, but they are definitely the most loud.

The third type of people (yeah, I missed the second) is the nonmainstream people. For them it does not really matter what you write because they will just follow their own whim. By the way for them the sarcastic style is maybe the best, because it draws their attention.

The second type is the silent majority. They don’t necessarily wrote as much and they not necessarily follow the mainstream, but definitely feels more safe in the mainstream and does not want to stand out from the crowd. They may go and search on google for things they don’t know or don’t understand. So if you throw some bones to them, they will follow it. But because there are so much fad on the internet and they probably wasted so much time on those that if they smell fad they don’t follow it. And when the first (mainstream) group starts to downvote or bash something, the people from the second group just consider it a fad and moves on.

So I try to aim for this second type of group. Unfortunately they are hard to aim, because they usually don’t give feedback. But they are the majority and they willing to think if they think the topic worth it.


That’s very interesting insight and makes a lot of sense - also correlates with some of what I find on endmyopia.

Mainly it’s that the vast majority of people just read the content but never comment or e-mail or leave reviews or anything. That’s a huge majority, I used to scratch my head who all this recurring traffic was. I tweaked some e-mails that do get responses that would otherwise never appear (a quick and very short "how’s it going e-mail every six months works nicely). They’ll e-mail if they have questions but otherwise, very quiet.

Which makes sense and I guess is how I myself deal with online resources too. :smiley:


Talking about mainstream/not mainstream people and suggestions of EM.
I also saw a video on YouTube from a guy, not related to this project, but who describes similar technics, but in much less details, of cause.
So, the possible strategy is, you could describe direction in general and give two links: one to EM and another.
This will look more respectable for the masses, as they will see two independent sources with similar method, so less downwotes, more upwotes.

Worth mentioning how I found EM site:
13.07.19 in the morning I went to lens shop to buy a new glasses, as mine current are 12 years old. I got eyes checkup and ordered -7&-9 glasses for my -8&-13.
At the evening I surfed the internet for different lens types and found a video with modern thin -14 like lenses. Probably to check my future? :slightly_smiling_face:
In the comments for the video I found message about some progress with Endmiopia, so I hesitated, but followed…
Expected to see some Bates/eyes yoga/exercise related stuff BTW, but was pleased to see something new and different.


Before Fb recommended EM Fb group I watched this video on YouTube:

Does this video relate in anyway to EM or Jake? :thinking:
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Yes, it does, and even says so in the video It is a pity he stopped with -.75, as he could have gone all the way to 20/20.

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It’s really too bad there’s no good way to crowd source this. I feel like our community is pretty passionate, and would do a great job attracting new, passionate, creative members.

I think Cliff basically followed the endmyopia plan. He’s only got about six videos, but they’re pretty good.

I thought he was a member of the forum, but I may have seen him in the Facebook group or somewhere.

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It’s just that the way it was said and put together doesn’t sound like EM/Jake. It’s…too serious :sweat_smile: No Guru vibes :laughing:

Minus the mention of active focus, though :sweat_smile:

I can handle too serious a little better than Guru vibes, which initially nearly put me off, and might have prevented me from finding the really serious stuff under Jake’s ‘pseudo-Guru’ vibes.


This tempted me to look at his other videos. I loved the one on the maths of the Snellen - boring as it might seem. I have just learned something new :grinning:


strange, it had the exact opposite effect on me. The conmen usually try to look really slick and professional. The fact that Jake was joking around and self-berating made me think this is a down-to-earth guy who I can relate to and he’s not tryina con me


This is a hot topic right now.

Redoing the site to some degree and it’s all a big question mark of what the initial tone will be. I’ve received a bunch of very slick and marketing-ey stuff and to be honest, even if it were super effective, it wouldn’t happen (on my watch anyway). ACT NOW UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY, GAINS AWAIT, NOW, ACT NOW! :smiley:

Main thing though, more up front answering of newbie questions. And interactivity, to make it a lot easier to connect with your eyes (hey look, measuring is super easy - wonder why? …)


Well since guru is being said unironcially more times lately in various places than I’m comfortable with, the search is on for a new title (with all the requisite gravitas and off-putting-ness).

So far “janitor” is in the front running.



Yes, 'cuz the tittle Beardly Sage is better given to @Sean :grin:

If there is Vice Janitor then there is a Chief Janitor?? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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I actually really like that we get to laugh and have fun while we correct our vision. If people don’t get it, that’s on them. Haha!

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