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I am about to order my reduced cly norms but after looking through posts I was under the impression that diffs were generally not required for low myopia, higher Cly ?. That said I had a quick review of the wheel axis and it does indicate my axis from the opticians look pretty much correct 90 and 86…so pretty much even.

I think working on a screen, indoors is to have played a damning effect on my eyes…like most. I pray mine is more functional and having poor lighting and habits.

I do find that some days (most) that my screen time is causing a blur/ghosting effect and I think I need to start becoming more pro active.

Going forward I am sure I need to not rely on my newly prescribed lens and go for the reduced diopter, some say 0.25 and others say you can get away with 0.5. I do not have the test lens kit and advised that even a smaller reduction is good. Like most I don’t want to cause irreversible damage on my eye either from straining on the wrong lens.

Look forward to any kid words or support.

Hi, I have a couple of thoughts for you. First, you should measure your PD (pupilary distance). You can do it in a mirror with a ruler, you just want to look straight ahead and measure from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil in millimeters. If you went to an eye doctor you can probably call them and ask for your PD over the phone and they should give it to you (in the USA they’re required to, not sure about UK.)

Second, if your astigmatism isn’t caused by something like cataracts you can probably get rid of most of it or all of it over time. I first was told by the optometrist I had some it was at -0.75 in my bad eye, but I found -0.25 worked just as well and when they re-measured I’m down to -0.25 in each eye. The exercises seem to work, it’s not entirely clear how much of the astigmatism is really in the eyeballs and how much is just a mental thing. With a little practice, as you probably discovered, you can “clear up” the blurry lines on the astigmatism wheel. Now when I measure at home I don’t detect astigmatism.

Third, Some people are able to trade their CYL astigmatism correction for half as much SPH, so if you had -1D astigmatism, you could try -0.5 SPH.

This is not advice:

If they measured me at:
R sph -0.25. Cyl -2.75 axis 80
L sph -0.50 Cly -2.25 axis 86

Here is what I personally would order for normalized:
R SPH -0.5 CYL -2.0 axis 80
L SPH -0.5 CYL -2.0 axis 86
That way you’re starting off with about the same correction in each eye and you can work it down from there.

If I wanted something to use in front of the computer (differentials) I would try:
R SPH 0 CYL -1.0 axis 80
L SPH 0 CYL -1.0 axis 86
Or you could just use your naked eyes in front of the computer if using the computer doesn’t bother you.

Measure your PD and call wherever you had your eyes checked and ask them for your PD too. It literally takes 30 seconds or less with a ruler and a mirror. Good luck!

Edit: Also, if I were you I would keep doing the astigmatism exercises whenever you’re bored. They seemed to work for me, or at least it didn’t take me too long to get better at clearing up the blurry lines and now it doesn’t seem to be a problem any more. I would just treat it like a video game for a couple of minutes at a time when you’re in the mood for it.


So have you managed a reduction and confirmed by optician ?.

I don’t mind trying to reduce by 0.5 I each Cly…but you think I would have to increase the sph to compensate ?..

What exercises have you done? I have an app which supposed to work but I do it every other day or when not at my desk.

My astigmatism has increased by 0.25 and 0.5 since 2019! But I think it is maybe constantly looking at screens! Like 7 hours and then after work. I’m actively trying to reduce my screen time…

I know my left could be reduced as it differently my better eye and I think it would manage the 0.5 reduction but not sure on my right… but here is the next important question , do I keep them both the same in reduction or make them the same. To me making the same reduction value the same makes sense…


My official prescription from beginning of January was:
R SPH -0.25 CYL 0.75 axis 90
L SPH -0.25 CYL 0.5 axis 75

In April it was:
R SPH 0 CYL -0.25
L SPH 0 CYL -0.25
axis stayed about the same (within 5 degrees).

My thinking for you is that you’re trading -0.5 CYL for -0.25 SPH in your right eye, and in your left eye you’re dropping 0.25 CYL.

If you don’t wear glasses right now at all (I don’t understand your current situation) those might seem way to strong for you and you could start at:
-0.5 SPH - 1.75 CYL in each eye.

You have to start somewhere, if I were doing it I’d just start out getting used to having the same correction in each eye since they’re really pretty close.

This thing seemed to work for me. Basically you want to put it up on a screen somewhere (in a dark room) and get far enough away from it that it starts to glitch out. Then take a little step forward so it clears up, and a step back and see if you can keep it clear, and then follow it trying to keep it from glitching out. Then you might be able to move back a little more and keep it clear.


And this is all the exercise you did ?. Yeah I don’t wear glasses at present but I think to bad habits and too much screen time, it has increased massively… I remember a while back I had not much of any astigmatism… It increased and my vision got worse when my job went from out and about to sitting at a desk…

I do need to use exercise and practice better habits…20-20-20 rule for sure.

I got advised maybe reducing to 0.5 in both Cly and don’t touch the sph, meaning not to mess to much with both plains at once.

I do find distance a challenge but so some close up…

I’m not really big on eye exercises but it’s neat to see that you can stand six feet or 10 feet away from the computer instead of 4 feet without it glitching out. Just look online (do an image search) for astigmatism test and any of the things that come up should work. You’ll find if you stand right on the edge where the vertical lines get blurry that you can clear them up and move back a little bit. Try tilting your head from side to side and reminding yourself that the vertical lines look the same as the horizontal ones.

Mostly I’m trying to do more outside time, and active focus all the time outside, and I’m constantly having to keep myself from putting the laptop computer on the right arm-rest of my chair (I think I got the astigmatism during lockdown by doing this). I’m enforcing distance on my screens, wearing plus lenses when looking at the computer or phone (because my arms aren’t long enough to get blur and still work on the computer.)

Most of it is trying to get outside and look at stuff (active focus.)

Since your eyes are really close I would just start them both at -0.5 SPH -2 CYL. I think having different correction in each eye is going to make you dizzy because you’re not used to that. I’d start them the same, and keep them the same as you go (for a while at least).

If you’re getting a bunch of progress on the astigmatism wheel then maybe drop to -0.5 SPH -1.5 CYL in both eyes next time. That’s what I personally would do. (Or try to do).

My personal belief is that astigmatism (when it’s not from an eye injury or cataract) goes faster than myopia. It seems to be more “mental” and less “real”. (Personal opinion only!)


Yeah trying that particular exercise i keep jumping all over and find it hard to follow…I guess that means I need to keep at it. I am just using my mobile about 30cm away and it is harder than I thought.

Any exercises is good to adopt…I am just trying my best to aid my eyes and not cause more strain.

Yeah it’s the hard decision on diffs or norms…for me at least.

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If you order online from goggles4u or zenni you can get glasses made up for about $5 US, or under $20 if you want the fancy coatings (which are nice to have).

You might try both eyes:
-0.5 SPH -2 CYL first pair

-0.5 SPH -1.5 CYL next pair (or you could use it now if first pair is too strong)

-0.5 SPH -1.25 CYL third pair

0 SPH -1 CYL (to use in front of the computer for now).

That would let you see where you are and how much correction you want to start out with. It takes 2 or 3 weeks for the glasses to arrive but for $20 to $50 you’d be sorted. I have never used Zenni but have had zero problems with goggles4u.

I ordered the cheapest glasses with no coatings while I was figuring things out, and then once I found that -0.25 CYL in each eye works great I ordered some with coatings and sunglasses, nicer frames, etc.

There’s a lot of trial and error at the beginning. You just need to start somewhere and take it from there.

Yeah I agree, but it’s not having the wrong setup and having more strain or having a negative impact.

I’m in the UK so they are probably not the cheapest nor quickest.

If specsavers is the local place you could just go with them. The point is to just start somewhere slightly below your full correction. Personally I would start with the same correction in front of each eye and get used to that first, and then continue from there.

Good luck!

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Yeah Cly reduction of 0.5 is ample , I guess. But for norms or diffs I don’t know lol

If you’re not getting terrible headaches or something right now whenever you do close-up work, I would just use your unaided eyes for close-up. If you’re miserable anytime you look at a screen then maybe wear -1 CYL indoors to see if it helps.

If you convert your prescription to SPH it’s about -1.5 in each eye which isn’t bad compared to a lot of people, and you don’t need differentials for that.

I’d only get differentials right now if you feel like you’re suffering.

But that’s where I get confused, would I convert it to sph ? That would show more sph but lesser Cly ? .but is it the same or is it advised.

For regular myopia of -1.5 you don’t need differentials. Some people with astigmatism find that it messes up their close vision as well as their distance vision. If you feel fine and can work on the computer or at a desk without glasses then I wouldn’t wear them.

If you’re having problems seeing your phone or computer and getting headaches, then I’d try -1.0 CYL and see if that does something helpful for you.

You want to be pushing the computer screen away as far as you can before it becomes blurry.

If you’re not reaching for aspirn or ibuprofen every time you look at something close up I wouldn’t bother wearing glasses for it.

A lot of people (most?) don’t need astigmatism correction for close-up. Some people find it very helpful. If you’re not getting headaches all the time whenever you read or work on the computer I wouldn’t bother with differentials.

If someone had -3 SPH and -.5 CYL, a lot of people find that -3.25 SPH works just as well. Most people don’t need their CYL correction in close-up. Since you have been prescribed with a lot of CYL and almost no SPH, I don’t know whether you can trade in some of that CYL for SPH, or if you need some of it for close-up or not.

Yeah I don’t get headaches or anything for close up work. Where do I look at conversion of my prescription ?

Here’s an explanation. They’re not exactly the same thing, but many people find that they can trade half a diopter of cylinder for a quarter diopter of sphere. It’s like you could have fish and chips for dinner, or you could just eat one and a half pieces of fish and no chips. They’re not the same, but it works most of the time.

The cylinder in your prescription is to correct the blurry vertical lines you see in the fan diagram. You’re more myopic on the vertical lines than the horizontal lines. The spherical correction corrects everything (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).


Yeah I see the horizontal easier and more bold than the vertical.

If you borrowed a friend’s glasses, and they had -1.5 SPH or -1.75 SPH you’d probably see a lot more clearly than with no glasses, but not as well as you would with your full prescription. With the spherical equivalent you’d see the diagram, but the verticals would still be more blurry than the horizontals (and the diagonals would probably look OK.) With your exact prescription the whole thing should look razor sharp.

You can tilt your head from side to side and figure out what you’re looking at.

It’s not that easy but wouldn’t I just stick to the cly and just do the reduction by 0.25 or 0.5. not sure the benefit of converting it to the sph ?.

Since you’re used to no glasses, -.05 SPH with -2 CYL will probably be a huge improvement, but not so huge that you can’t make any progress over the next couple of months.

If you start out with different strengths in front of both eyes I think it’s going to mess you up when you turn your head (swimmy or dizzy feelings). That’s what I think, but nobody knows until you actually try it.

Different people will have different opinions of what’s the best way to start, but I told you what I would do if I were you.

The advantage is that you can start equalized and continue equalized and it’s just simpler and easier and probably takes less getting used to since you currently use zero on your left eye, and zero on your right eye. I think your brain will “freak out” if you suddenly have more correction on one eye than the other.

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