🎥 Managing Diopters In Varying Lighting Conditions

Just added a new how-to video to BackTo20/20: Managing Diopters In Varying Lighting Conditions

New camera but still the same face. :sob:

I’m adding more time and resources to the paid program for members supporting endmyopia. Time to give back more to those who make this resource possible in the first place.

Context: Been fighting a bit of burn-out and frustration here with just endless streams of personal case-specific free advice requests (e-mail mostly). The expectation of “everything for free” is taking its toll and while I love to help out, it’s just been getting out of control. Seems to me there’s already more than enough available (and on the flip side then I get complaints that it’s ‘too much stuff’ and then followed by admonition that I don’t organize it well enough - sheesh). Well, nobody to blame but you-know-who.

Going to focus a bit more on the active supporters of endmyopia, and let the community do the part of helping each other out.

Feedback, suggestions, direction, as always I like go get your perspectives on things!


It’s noticeable from your latest YouTube clips that you’re really getting fed up with all the whining and begging. Compliments on those latest ones though, good stuff yet again (especially on presbyopia).

Why not consider some standard reply going like:

Thank you for your interest in EM. Please start with the 7-day email guide [link] first. After completing it you can apply for the backto2020 to get real support from me or join our community forum/the Facebook group to join other members in their journey to eyesight recovery. I’m not able to provide case specific advice over email due to the magnitude of EM. Help will have to come from the backto2020 program or the community. Please consider for yourself which option would be preferable and go with that. Cheers, The lonely guru on the mountain top.

Those freeloaders really aren’t worth getting burned out over. Doing something nice on occasion is good for your karma, but it has to stay within manageable proportions. We don’t want to lose you for a prolonged period of time due to those beggars.

Just my €1/50s.


Not sure how you’re able to handle the website, Back to 20/20, FB and Meow and then deal with your other business endeavors… It’s pretty amazing. You can lay down the foundation and let FB and Meow be self-sustaining as you mentioned. Even Back to 20/20 may have a maximum number of students you can offer personal assistance before you need to hire mid-managers to lighten your load.

Maybe transfer the email guide to the website and restrict direct questions to FB only. This might keep your email inbox free. You don’t owe anything to non-paying inquiring minds.


You did so much videos and all the information is out there. I like the idea to just give those beggers a standard reply. Great text!@Laurens

Jake you dont have to prove nothing to nobody. People like that just want quick fixes for there eyes. Its not worth getting yourself a burn out for that. I like your videos, they are really great,good information and make me really laugh sometimes. Just be yourself, thats your strenght.
Its good to express those feelings of frustration.

I noticed there are a lot of people at the forum with lost of expertises and passion for EM. This community can help you and each other.


Nononononooooooo! Nope-cat! Dooooon’t!
Just don’t burn out over this! Kittehs needs eye guru on mountain top, well, because he’s sooo fun! And I want you to stay that way!

What kittehs above said!

Other thoughts:

  • you once mentioned an admin filtering your emails - what happened to the admin? If there’s any way I can help, let me know!

  • forwarding emails to the mods/volunteering kittehs here, so we can help?

  • you know, there really IS everything on the blog. The only reason I hang out here is because it’s so nice. And sure, I learn from reading others’ stories, they remind me of things I’ve forgotten or point me to totally new things. But, you know, there really is everything on the blog already (and I’m deliberately repeating myself :wink: ).
    So I know you know the German brillenpanda guy who basically translates EM to German because, according to Facebook, that’s who inspired you for that astigmatism test tool (of course, not sure if that’s true :slight_smile: ). So I checked if I could recommend his site to only German speakers. And last summer, he just posted he’d pause. He said there’s everything on the blog, was busy with a new job and realized the blog only gave him more screen time and stress - and he was only posting once a week.
    So you could do that. Just post: heya, I can’t follow my own advise anymore if I keep this blog up. All information is available here for you for free. It will stay that way, because I want it to be available - please consider that while it is free for you, hosting this does cost me money.
    But I stop posting for now or for ever because I need to take care of my health - and my eyeballs.
    I hope you do the same, go forth an make those 20/20 gains! - and post them as YouTube comments!

  • you can quit reading emails. Once your inbox is full, people will get an automatic response

  • Laurens’ Standard reply is good, but you want to make it automatic, if possible.

  • you could also post that you stop giving personal advice at all and back to 20/20 is closed (you can still offer this to those who have completed the email course).

  • you actually do write already that you don’t give personal advice for free, so you’d only need to follow your own rules… guess you’re too kind!

  • do you need to state an email address at all? It doesn’t has to be yours. Say it’s your admins’ and they have no idea about EM, which can be true. You could redirect people to Facebook and here, but you don’t have to. You don’t have to offer any point of contact. Whoever does the email course will get the invite link for meow anyways, right? I can imagine some people just do it to get in here , hoping for free advice. So no need to advertise.

  • all seems great except for the emails? Really, just let someone help you with that!

  • I think things here are working really well. Some days I’m impatient, but someone else will help out. Other days it’s me who finds some post help worthy, even though I think I know where it’s gonna go…

  • stop fighting a burnout, instead, go enjoy kite surfing, spend time with your son, and some alone time with your wife, get a massage, a little holiday trip with your wife or family, or just enjoy the swimming hole in the jungle! Focus on working out, if you have a gym inn your jungle, try something new! Handstand challenge, whatever :wink:
    Protein and magnesium will keep you relaxed, plus a little zinc for serotonin :wink:
    And of course, oxymoron… :wink:

  • we’ll miss you of course, but then, it suits a guru well to be a bit secretive and disappear for a while in unknown jungles, islands and mountain tops - adds to the story! :+1:

  • I think we’d all rather miss you a bit but have you healthy and happy instead of you burning out!

  • did I say that you have accomplished the eye mission, because all information is really there? :wink:

  • you know, you could have others post for you… if you prefer that, I’m ready to ruin your website! I mean, write a nice post, of course :slight_smile: just mail us those progress updates and we’ll fill in a rant :wink:


Ok so I hope this is gonna make you laugh…
It was carnival last week, n I felt like I was getting sick so stayed home and read EM, hoping I can go celebrate next day. Came across the blog post where you talk about guru statues at universities and it made me get up and…
see what happened… :joy::joy:

Unfortunately, I only survived 30 minutes outside cause then I knew I had to go home, but I soo love my eye guru costume - and the beard :heavy_heart_exclamation::joy: (sorry the beard’s not yet perfect and the glasses are too girly, but next year… )


Yea, the email admin is alive and well.

I get stats though, so I see percentage of e-mails that for example is diopter specific advice requests. And he’s not around on Sundays so that’s the day I check e-mails (and despair).

I’ve been toying with the idea of scaling back a lot of my work in general. Maybe make endmyopia more of the focus while also generally doing less that has to do with just making money (like trading and investing in stuff). I like to live cheap anyway and money just makes me confused. It’s a mulling in progress.

I also really want to make a bigger dent in the whole myopia mainstream perception. Looking at Youtube and the giant numbers channels get, with simple things and topics. Every time I do, I think that there is an answer in there somewhere. Combining something with the message, like wrapping the dog’s medicine in bacon. :smiley:

And yea for burnout, I guess it’s seeing behind the curtain and realizing how many people expect something for nothing. It’s not really about free or advice requests, it’s the often aggressive expectation that things are “free” (not monetarily but just about zero advice requests include an offer to somehow reciprocate).

And realistically it usually boils down to a few things. Like right now, a really determined optometry student has been trying to recruit people to “take Jake out”. He’s super aggressive and really kind of disturbed, and I’m thinking … geez, people. Me opening my mouth creates this sort of anger and totally uncool behavior (would love to meet these kinds of people in person and see if they would actually talk like that still).

At the same time, a lot of amazing people. Like you! So it’s worth it of course, but also kind of a lot to take in for just one person (who is a giant introvert also).

Ongoing discovery process! I do wish I could make videos that are equally entertaining and drawing people to watch, but also spreading the word that the staring at the screen is stealing the minutes of life that are precious and won’t be refilled.

  • prescription: don’t read emails on Sunday! let admin deal with it on Monday. There’s really nothing in the world that couldn’t wait a day!

  • introduce a nice family routine instead, or even one only for you

  • can’t live with that? Get another admin for Sundays…?

  • you deserve a free Sunday!!

  • I can relate a bit to those emails not offering anything, I fear I’ve been the same (though didn’t ask you for advise, that’s for sure!).
    I can imagine not all people being pure assholes . It’s just, you know: living life in the knowledge that you’ll never get rid of glasses and then - wooow! You’re so exited, there’s this email address…
    You could make a contact form. With the field: how would you help me? Can be a drop down and free text, some examples of what would actual help you - because people have no idea (in that moment of excitement, which can be as long as some weeks).
    Or just put that text to where your email is.

  • Enter a blog section : want to help your eye guru? Here’s how…

  • start your videos with: welcome back - while you listen to this video, please look out if the window all times! Watching videos is killing your eyesight! :wink: if you’re not in the videos anymore but only your voice, and you show a nature picture only… lol

  • the idea you’re toying with sounds great! There’s that book by a nurse (working with dying people) who asked what they regret most in life - and it’s having worked to much instead of spending time with what really matters

  • [quote=“jakey, post:6, topic:4554”]
    Like right now, a really determined optometry student has been trying to recruit people to “take Jake out”.

Try to see that one as an honor batch! :joy::+1: Thiufh that’s probably hard, being in your place

And really, if it’s too much for 1 person ( which is totally understand!) - I’m sure here are people who would help. What are the things you want to do yourself - and what could you let go of, let someone assist you? What’s taking away most of your time, your energy, what’s upsetting you most? What do you enjoy most? Keep doing that, and let others help you with the :poop: . If I understand the hints, you’ve helped Alex out of a situation like this because he was due to despair. So, let others help you where you need it!


What everyone else has said :slight_smile:

It’s a good thing there’s endless streams of requests - it means word is really getting out! What once was a little website is getting lots more attention and it’s meow a big website that costs more!

There is more than enough available - just the existence of people getting back to 20/20 even a few years ago when there was far less available. And how many more people are figuring things out meow for every one who writes asking for specific advice.

But as word gets out, you’ll start reaching more people who aren’t inclined to DIY projects, aren’t the sort to search long and hard on the internets to stumble across a tiny corner, haven’t had much experience figuring out how to learn something completely new…

So for perspective, there’s tons of info on physical exercise and how to get stronger and how to start available, but there are still personal trainers and coaches earning a living off of guiding people through these things. No shortage of material on, say, cognitive behavioural therapy, yet oodles of people have jobs as therapists or counsellors etc. Because there are people out there who need that kind of guidance. Even though I can generally figure things out for myself, there’s still no shortage of things that I just can’t wrap my head around.

And you’re frustrated largely because you actually care - you’d like for everyone who does come across this to be able to ditch the glasses and to personally get them there. But it’s as impossible as turning off gravity.

Apparently I could go on…but thumbs up to focusing on active supporters. When I started it was very clear to me that if you want support, get in the program. Otherwise, it’s all the in the blog. And meow, there’s been tons upon tons more free content and platforms for people to help each other out. The latter is key for

and you have not one but two in place for those not in the program. After starting this without anything but the blog, I really wanted to give back/pay forward in some way without going to the dark sides of social media, so I’m very grateful for LeMeow as a tool for just that. Props also to all the moderators here keeping things in check. And what everyone else has said :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 to everyone else’s comments.

You mention that you “want to make a bigger dent in the whole myopia mainstream perception.” As a behavioral scientist (econometrician by training, causal data scientists by profession), I have wondered over the past 6+ months as I have been making gains if there is a way to write up an academic paper or two based on a convenience sample or perhaps your back to 20/20 customer sample. Such a paper could also be a great foundation for writing a 150-250 page popular press book similar to Jason Fung’s “Obesity Code.” I think there are a lot of parallels to his motives and success in influencing the population to your work here.

If you’re interested in strengthening the credibility of EndMyopia.org within the scientific community and reaching a broader audience, an academic paper or two and a popular press book could be a great start. Both would be hard work, but both would scale up your impact and influence substantially. I would be happy to collaborate on such an academic paper and I’m sure there are many folks in the community who would gladly volunteer their historical measurements if you don’t already have a customer relationship management system tracking your back to 20/20 paying customers.

P.S. I hear you on the “I like to live cheap anyway and money just makes me confused.” I find myself more interested in learning and recently switched jobs and took a big paycut to focus on the research that I’m passionate about to do so.


@jakey: I think something similar can be a good solution for the e-mail problem. Many big company does not provide direct e-mail / telephone / whatever address, only a “If you need help click here” link. The link takes the user to a sort of questionnaire. Based on your first answer, you get a new question and so on. In the end the user either directed to a guide page (because the answer is written on their website somewhere), or if the user is persistent enough, and their problem is really need a person ultimately they get a free-text form to fill which results in an e-mail in your mailbox. Because the most of the problematic user is problematic exactly because they are not persistent enough, it would solve the problem, because they would close the browser page faster than reach your inbox.

If the first set of selections are good then you won’t loose valuable users. For example one of them can be “I want to ask something about backto2020”, which would lead directly to the free-text form. But if they choose the “I need specific dioptre advice” you can send them to questionnaire hell :smile: Or just simply to the blog page where you explain why we don’t give such a thing… Sure it needs work and it needs some website programming, but I’m sure it would drastically improve your mailbox experience.


Oh I love that!! :rofl:

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Yea that’s a good idea about the e-mail form.

Everyone’s ideas are so great. I love every one! And I agree that the guru on the misty mountain top should be unavailable to all but a select few. After all, you are the founder and CEO of the only effective myopia reduction organization in the world and as such you have the privilege and obligation of deciding which direction to take the organization. Getting back to 20/20 requires intelligence and persistence for everyone who decides to take that road. The blog is an amazing resource. And it’s mildly chaotic character is an ideal way to weed out the lazy. Direct the blog the way you see fit. The moderators and experienced vision reducers on Le Meow are so great for for us freeloaders. The Facebook page is good for the noobs. Any video or information you provide is a perk for everyone, not an obligation. The 20/20 program is your bread and butter. Concentrate on it. So ignore the plz bros, or ban them if they get persistent. And go enjoy a nice long stretch of regularly scheduled family and free time!