Managing Your Maximum Diopter Gap [Member Only Video]

In most cases you should have no more than 2 diopter between your differential and normalized.

1-2 diopters is the range, and going below or above the range can cause slower improvement or even introduce unwanted results. Most people in most cases fall in the 2 diopter range naturally, though some scenarios you may create a larger diopter gap unintentionally.

Here’s the promised video explaining the diopter gap premise and how to best manage it:

Any issues viewing the video, please let me know. I’ve been using a paid Vimeo subscription rather than free Youtube for BackTo20/20 and now for Le Meow as well. This provides a lot more flexibility on what is available to who, better video quality, and none of the Youtube nonsense. You’ll likely see only this video even though the channel has a whole library (available in BackTo20/20).


Good info Jake…video quality was fine but freeze-framed in about 4 spots. Not sure if because my smartphone memory is almost maxed.

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Great stuff, thanks Jake! No issues viewing the video here.
As suspected, I only see this video, so the access control works :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more videos!
(especially one on blur habituation, that sounds very intersting)


Very informative video, didn’t have any diffuculties viewing the video.

Also I am utterly pleased with this new concept, thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Jakey! Enjoying Le Meow.


Watched the vídeo! Yes, in 3 or 4 places the image was frozen for a while, but not big issue. Interesting as always.:ok_hand:

Great video, thanks Jake!

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Thanks for the feedback. Finally seem to have figured out mic settings as well so it’s all good … even though the camera gear puts my carry on at 1.2kg over the limit. Breaking the rules for you guys! :smiley:


You are such a rebel! Video quality was great, and played without hesitation. And, as usual, I loved the video itself. Play them over and over to remind myself about all the things I want to keep in mind as I improve my vision. ! I am a total video junkie. At least from Emdmyopia!! (And also all information from Jake the eye guru!)


Great video Jakes!
Eventhough I have no vimeo account still can watch it!
Will watch it a few times to get better understanding.

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No account is necessary.

It’s only something on my end that is a paid subscription for Vimeo to host the videos and offer various options. Paid things online are usually better than the free stuff - being a proper customer instead of at the mercy of the charades going on with most ‘free’ services.


I have a question. How does this 1 to 2 diopter gap play out for low myopia? Especially when you get to the last diopter. Does that mean you go to plus lenses for close up? Or is it not an issue at that point?


Good question.

No need for plus as long as you’re continuing to improve. At the last diopter you get a lot of stimulus opportunity from partially going without correction during outdoor active focus activities.


Thanks for the answer! That makes a lot of sense. I am experiencing the fact that I can spend more time outside without correction, and yes, it seems I have plenty of opportunity for stimulus with and without correction. I think my biggest issue right now is keeping the strain away. Thanks again Jake!


Thanks, Jake! I have to admit I have been using plus. For a person who doesn’t use glasses for distance but does use plus lenses, would the 2.00 diopter gap be measured from 0 or from one’s once-a-week / once-a-month backup glasses? Thanks!

My current diopter gap bwn norm and diff is 1 SPH + 0.5 CYL
And it is killing me (can only see clearly at about 30cm)
So i ordered a few more pairs with stronger prescription.
Thinking i’d go for a 0.5 SPH + 0.25 CYL gap (which is less than what the master recommends)

It could also mean that your Normalized are too weak. Do you get around 20/30 - 20/50 on a Snellen with them?
Cheers, Michael

At home in the evening (150-250 lux) i get 20/40-20/50
In the morning with snellen on the window (1000+ lux) i get 20/30-20/25
I think i am underperscribed astigmatism-wise

Hey there itamar, what is your spherical? For example, -10 CPH - 1 cph is only dropping your visual acuity by 10%, whereas if you are prescribed -2 and drop -1 you are dropping 50% of your acuity(please correct me if I am wrong, I could be, I’m just thinking it may be working in that manner

In any case you are only going to see well the first metter.