Marky Marks Journey back to 20/20

I first heard about this through listening to the Steve Stavs podcast with Jake, I looked at the title and thought that would be great. Little did I know that it actually works and makes scientific sense.

I have been wearing glasses since I was kid, I’m guessing around 8-10 years old and progressively worse every year. I don’t know how I got started down the subscription road because smart phones did not exist when I was a kid and I never liked reading.

I have been cheap and unmotivated to buy new glasses every single year. So I have only changed them maybe like 3-4 times in the last 20 years. Little did I know this was a blessing in disuse.

I am starting off at
OD -6.0 -1.25
OS -6.5 -1.00

I just finished the 7 day email guide, and have watched 5+ hours of videos on the subject. I started practicing active focus every day since around day 2. I have noticed a slow but marked improvement every day. I look at my periodic table

The first day I could barely see the “Periodic table of the Elements” maybe for a split second if at all. Now about 5 days in, I can actually see some of the lower text C N O in the yellow column. Small but noticeable progress. I am sure it will be a long journey but I am prepared for it. Just to be able to see 2 ft in front of my face would be great.

I bought my first pair of Differentials today at Zenni. I am going to wait till I can read the Snellen to the 20/20 line before I think about normalized glasses. I guess since my current prescription is 6 years out of date they are really like Normalized right now.

I think I have pretty good habits already, lots of outdoors, I don’t spend much time on my phone and never really did. I will spend even less now. My only issue would be my computer screen for working. Which is a rather large 34" monitor.

I will try to post updates as I get them. Hopefully in 4 years I can get close to 20/20



From your profile picture I’m guessing that you may find this helpful:

Good luck!

Thanks Dirk I already watched that video before I ordered my glasses, I won’t be buying the black frames again. I actually ordered some with just the screw holding on the lenses. But thanks for pointing it out.

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Starting out my current subscription only allowed me to read the 20/50 on the snellen chart. After about 8 days practicing active focus I am now almost able to read the 20/20 line. I guess starting out with a 6 year old pair of glasses was like working with normalized from the start.

I find my periodic table in my bed room, helpful to gauge my improvement. Day 1 could not even read the largest text, but 8 days later in starting to see certain elements i could not see the day before. Everyday i try to read a new one that i could not the day before.

Welcome to the journey.

I received my first pair of differentials from Zenni a few days ago. I think I did a pretty good job for a beginner to this.

My full strength
OD -6 -1.25 cyl
OS -6 .5 -1 cyl

My differentials
OD -4.75 -0.75
OS -5.00 -0.50

I can see my computer screen pretty well, just a small bit of blur when I pull back

Now I need to figure out my first pair of normalized I am leaning towards but we will see in the next few weeks.
OD -5.75 -1
OS -6.00 -.75

I am definitely seeing small improvements everyday, my clear flashes lasting a bit longer and easier to achieve.

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I like the idea that you are also using the periodic table for checking your vision. I used to place some of the books on the bookshelf as “on display” in the bookshops, and I tested my vision on different sizes, types and colours of fonts with different colours of backgrounds, which meant different contrast with the fonts.
Well done on choosing your differentials, sounds good.
Looking forward to the update on the first normalised.

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I find that certain colors are harder to read on the periodic table. The blue in the middle is the hardest, but everyday I start to make out more elements in hard color areas. I was able to see the Ac today, it’s a good way to judge my improvement.

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Well I figured out that my differentials are actually my normalized. I guess I did not fully trust my own cm measurements. I have been wearing my differentials as my normalized for about 3 weeks now. I could only read the 20/50 line originally, and now the 20/30 line, gradual improvement. The one thing that I really notice is light has a huge effect on my normalized but it gets less significant everyday. I am able to drive safely during the day and see great, but at night it really gets blurry, so I have to switch to my full subscription for driving.

Now that I have found my starting point, I have ordered 5 more pairs of glasses, each -.25 down. Hopefully one of them will be my differentials.

My cm measurements went from about OD: 21cm OS: 20cm to now OD: 23cm OS: 22.5cm, so I got improvement.

I trust the process and know it works, I am looking forward to some milestones.
Starting at
OD: -6


Well I am exactly 6 months in today. started at
OD -6.0 -1.25
OS -6.5 -1.00

Now currently wearing for my normalized
OD -3.75 -.5
OS -4 -.25

I think I need about another month to do my next drop down. I notice a big difference in my eyesight already. I can see my eyeballs in the mirror now, which I could not do to begin with.

I am really looking forward to the low 3s high 2s, maybe I could watch TV without my glasses on.

Big thanks to Jake for sending me on this Journey


2D in 6 months? Daaamn

My original subscription was over subscribed, so it’s more like 1 diopter, but I’m pretty happy with that.

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I have a 70" TV, and sit around 10ft away from it, I’m currently OD: -3.75 OS:-4. I wonder at what diopter I will be able to watch TV without my glasses. I’m guessing around -3. Sometimes I try to watch without my glasses and try to read text, it’s a struggle but gives me improvement indicators, like seeing someone’s eyes almost. I’m really looking forward to watching with no glasses.


My birthday present to myself this year is a step down from -3.75 OD -4 OS to -3.50 and -3.75. Monday is the day almost 3 months from my last reduction.